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Alsterworthia International Membership & Order Form

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  I wish to apply for membership of Alsterworthia International and/or order the following publications:

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Journal back issues for (Please list. Volume 1 is 2001)

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Add 4% for PayPal payments
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If paying by:

a.   cheque/bank draft in British Pounds payable to ALSTERWORTHIA INTERNATIONAL - please send to Harry Mays, Woodsleigh, Moss Lane, St Michaels on Wyre, Preston, PR3 0TY, UK.

b.   cheque in local currency drawn on a bank in a country in which an Alsterworthia International Representative lives - please make the cheque payable to, and send it to, the representative.

c.   bank transfer to Alsterworthia International account - please ensure you also send the order form to or by post.

d.   PayPal - it is recommended that you also send the order form to or by post.

e.   Euro or British bank notes at your risk - please send to Harry Mays.

For full payment methods please see the subscription page.

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