Alsterworthia International Special Issues

The subject matter of Special Issues is broadly similar to that of the journals, but articles are generally more extensive. Special Issues are also better suited to reprints of scientific papers, which are not-so-readily-available to the public. Some important articles published in parts in different journals are also published together as special issues for non-members.

Special issues may be ordered from the editor or from booksellers by title and ISBN number. Alsterworthia members receive a discount on special issues when ordering from Alsterworthia International only. Members' discounts are published each year in the November journal.

Alsterworthia International Special Issues with prices to the public inclusive of uninsured surface mail.

No. 1. A Haworthia Species Concept Update. ISBN: 0-9534004-2-5. Ingo Breuer. Facilitates the comparison of 5 classifications. List of accepted names (all 177colour illustrated), basionyms and synonyms. 14 A4 pages 6.00 (Members 4.00) + 1.00 p&p E.U., 1.50 rest of the world.

No. 2. Bulbinella in New Zealand ISBN: 0-9534004-3-3. Lesley Milicich, Victoria University. Comprehensive coverage of the N.Z. species, colour photographs. 12 A4 pages 6.00 (Members 4.00) + 1.00 p&p E.U., 1.50 rest of the world. (This and “Bulbinella in South Africa” cover all Bulbinella species.)

No. 3. "Aloe pumila, Haworthia pumila; what or who is confused?" & "Classification with purpose (Madagascan aloes & Poellnitzia rubriflora)" ISBN: 0-9534004-4-1 Bruce Bayer. 44 A4 pages. 4.00 (Members 3.00) + 1.00 p&p E.U., 1.50 rest of the world.

No. 4. Molecular phylogenetics Treutlein et al. Alooideae-Asphodelaceae and the genera thereof, What should we learn from history? H. limifolia v. arcana ISBN: 0-9534004-5-X. Bruce Bayer. 44 A4 pages. 7.00 (Members 5.50) + 1.50 p&p E.U., 2.00 rest of the world.

No. 5. Asphodelaceae of southern Africa. ISBN: 0-9534004-6-8. A South Africa National Botanical listing of species. 36 A4 pages. 5.00 (Members 4.00) + 1.50 p&p E.U., 2.00 rest of the world.

No. 6. Riversdale - Mecca for Magnificent Haworthias. ISBN: 0-9534004-7-6. Kobus Venter. Geology by Pieter Bosch. 46 A4 pages. A well illustrated view with many habitat colour photos. 46 A4 pages. 9.00 (Members 6.50) + 2.50 p&p E.U., 3.50 rest of the world. The photographs show the front cover and page 10, Haworthia magnifica v. magnifica (top) and Haworthia magnifica v. splendens.

No. 7. New Haworthia species/combinations published subsequent to Haworthia Revisited - Part 1. ISBN: 0-9534004-8-4. Ingo Breuer. 36 A4 pages. Details and colour potos of the species. Includes all except those published by Dr Hayashi, which will be published in Part 2. 8.00 (Members 6.00) + 2.00 p&p E.U., 2.50 rest of the world.

No. 8. Colour-illustrated experiences of two expeditions for succulents in central, south and southwestern Madagascar ISBN: 0-9534004-9-2. 106 A4 pages. Audissou & Mays. Detailed accounts of one French and one South African expedition. 252 colour photos. 10.00 (Members 7.00) + 2.50 p&p E.U., 3.00 rest of the world. The photograph of page 84 is Aloe suzannae.

No. 9. The Genus Haworthia. Species Standard & Application of Correct names to Some Old Haworthias. ISBN: 978-09552726-2-2. Dr M Hayashi. A full explanation of Dr Hayashi's species standard with his assessment of the correct names for some controversial old name. 24 A4 pages. 5.00 (Members 3.75) + 1.00 p&p E.U., 2.00 rest of the world.

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