Haworthia Study

Editor: Dr. M. Hayashi

The World Agent for Haworthia Study outside Japan is Harry Mays, Woodsleigh, Moss Lane, St Michaels on Wyre, Preston, PR3 0TY, UK. E-mail: hmays@freenetname.co.uk

Haworthia Study is the biannual journal of the Japanese Haworthia Society. It is published in June and December, each with approximately 16 A4 pages. Japanese with English summaries or complete English articles. Well illustrated with colour photos. Japanese hybrids and cultivars are featured regularly plus a variety of articles on species and their classification. Discount for members. Cover page of issue No. 21 depicts Haworthia ‘Lombard Star’.

Seed list.

By Joel Lodé - normally issued with the March journal or earlier by e-mail if email addresses have been supplied.

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