Plantas Suculentas de las Islas Canarias
by Joël Lodé

Succulent Plants of the Canary Islands, identification easy guide is a field guide which shows for the first time all the species, illustrated within all genera which made up the Succulent Plants of the Canary Islands: Aeonium, Aichryson, Ceropegia, Euphorbia, Monanthes, etc.

Complete description, easy identification, photos in habitat and in cultivation, distribution maps, indexes classified by species, genera, family, by islands, synonyms, etymology, bibliography, etc., the whole in four languages.

Joel has successfully acheived a very difficult trick of combining four languages (Enlish French, German and Spanish) in a compact easily read format and at the same time produced a pretty comprehensive book at a reasonable price.

Ed. Turquesa 2010, 370 pages, more than 650 colour photos

ISBN 849264835-X

Available from Cactus Adventures International



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