Succulent Flora of Southern Africa
by Doreen Court
224 pages, hardback, ISBN 9061910919

This book was first published by A A Balkema in 1981, it proved very popular and for a long time it was out of print. Now available again it is a good book to get an overview of the rich South Africa succulent flora. South Africa is taken as a geograpical area rather than a country as plants are included from Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. There are chapters on Euphorbiaceae, Mesembryanthemaceae, Crassulaceae, Apocynaceae and Passifloraceae, Portulacaceae, Liliaceae and Asclepiadaceae. There are very good colour illustrations (282) which in some cases are a trifle on the small side. There are also black and white photographs and line drawings.

If you are particularly interested in succulents from this region then this is a valuable reference work. Prices and availability



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