Cacti and Succulents in Habitat
by Ken Preston-Mafham
159 pages, softback, ISBN 0 304 34551 2

This book covers three of the richest areas in the world for Cacti and Succulents, namely Bolivia, the South-West United States and Southern Africa. Approximately half the book is taken up with the Bolivian section which in many ways is the least known. Many of the plants of this area are depicted in full flower in habitat. As the flowering occurs in the rainy season when many Bolivian roads are difficult to travel on, such pictures are infrequently seen. The section on the United States shows many of the more familiar plants of this area but also covers some of the rarer miniature plants. The Southern African section is regretably rather short, but does give a glimpse into to the remarkable diversity of succulent plants from this area. The photography throughout is of a very high standard making this book a very worthwhile acquistion.

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