Gasterias of Southern Africa
by Ernst van Jaarsveld
96 pages, hardback, ISBN 1874950016

When this book was first announced the initial print run was exhausted in a very short time. Further copies are now been printed. It is the only work available on this interesting group of plants and has been written by the acknowleged world authority. The group has always puzzled botanists because of the large variability within the species. The occurance of hybrids and the plasticity of plants in cultivation has added further to the confusion. With the publication of the book there is now a last a solid basis for understanding the genus.

A review of this book would not be complete without the mention of the superb botanical illustrations by Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst which are included in the book. These are examples of the finest botanical illustrator's art and make the book even more of a collector's item. Regretably these were amongst the last illustrations she painted before her death.

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