Peyote - the divine cactus
by Edward F Anderson
272 pages, softback, ISBN 0-8165-1654-5

This book is detinitely something out of the ordinary in cactus books. The peyote (Lophophora) has over the years probably generated more misinformation than any other cactus. Without doubt, this new expanded edition of Peyote, The Divine Cactus provides a valuable reference for understanding all the questions which are raised concerning this plant. A list of the chapter headings will be useful to indicate the scope of the work. They are: Peyote in Mexico, Peyote in the United States, Peyote Ceremonies, The Peyote User's Experience, Medical Use of Peyote, Pharmacology of the Peyote, Chemistry of the Peyote, Botany of the Peyote, Legal Aspects of the Peyote. It also has a very extensive and complete set of references, making it an important research tool for anyone concerned with any aspects relating to these plants.

I would suggest that even if some of the topics covered in the book might be somewhat daunting, you will find much to interest and fascinate you, so this work is well worth dipping into. It is very well written and arranged so that you can gain a lot out of it even if you need to skip some of the more highly technical areas.

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