Teratopia: The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents
by Gordon Rowley
288 pages, hardback, ISBN 13-978-88-95018-08-9

Published in March 2006 by the Cactus & Co organisation. With this book Gordon Rowley fills another major gap in the world of Cactus and Succulent literature. In addition to cristate and variegated succulents the book covers all kinds of succulent plant freak growths from chimeras and uncontrolled proliferation to spiral torsion and spinelessness. Gordon explains the botany of how it happens and the consequences, but why it happens in most cases is still not well understood. The book is lavishly illustrated as is appropriate and much of which is pictured here is previously undocumented and unillustrated. The name Teratopia comes from the 19th century name given to the scientific study of monsters.

For those fascinated by this type of plant it will be an essential purchase. It is also this ideal sort of book for a cactus club library for members to peruse who have a more passing interest.

21 x 29.7 cm, hard cover, 288 pages with 600 colour pictures.

Available from Cactus & Co in Europe. This book like all the Cactus & Co publications is exceptional value for money.

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