Yucca II (Agavaceae)
Indehiscent-fruited species in the Southwest, Midwest and East of the USA, ISBN 3-00-009008-8

Hard cover, glossy paper, 340 pages, 303 colour photos, 59 drawings (flowers, leaves, roots, capsules, seeds), 6 distribution maps, 42 SEMs, 2 tables

Published May 2002, Fritz Hochstätter
with Seed Morphology by Dr.Günter Hentzschel

English Translation by Chris Holland

German Summaries


This book comtinues the work begun in Yucca I. It covers the fleshy, spongy, indehsicent-fruited pecies included in Section Yucca (formerly Sarcocarpa Engelmann) and Clistocarpa (Yucca brevifolia Engelmann). Hochstätter recognises 13 species and 6 subspecies in these sections. Volume II also contains a small supplement to the material in Yucca I on dehiscent fruited species.

The book very much follows the style and layout of Volume I but is even more extensively illustrated. As with the first volume there are extensive german summaries, indeed it is not perhaps quite accurate to describe them as summaries as most of the text is translated and I am sure non english speaking germans will find the books perfectly usable.

There is a list of fh field numbers (also in included in Volume I but obviously more up-to-date in this volume) and also a useful list of common names. I am sure horticulturalists will be interested in the suggested list of hardy species for outdoor cultivation in cold climates and there is also a list of noteable collections and gardens including Yuccas.

The book is available from the author or from leading specialist book dealers. It is certainly something that collectors of Yuccas will desire to have. Although the original intention was that this would be a two volume work, a third volume has also been published which covers the exclusively Mexican species. This is much to be desired as works on other groups of plants which have stopped at the border have naturally left many silly anomalies.

The book is available from Navajo Country in Europe for 99.-- plus 5.50/pp (abroad 7.50). Unfortunately not cheap but this sort of price arises from small printing run books, with large numbers of colour illustrations.

See also the reviews of Yucca I and Yucca III.

A website has been started which will provide on-line some of the information form this series of books.


  • Abbreviations of Herbaria
  • Ecology
  • Desert Ecosystem
  • Indehiscent-fruited species
  • Morphology and Anatomy of Yucca L. (Agavaceae) Seeds
  • Cultivation
  • Photographs - Drawings - Distribution maps
  • Supplement - Dehiscent-fruited species
  • Deutsche Zusammenfassung - German summaries
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • fh-Fieldnumbers (updated to 2002)
  • Index of Scientific Names
  • Index of Common Names
Yucca II



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