Yucca III (Agavaceae) - Mexico
ISBN 3-00-013124-8

Hard cover, glossy paper, 302 pages, 235 colour photos, 7 distribution maps

Published April 2004, Fritz Hochstätter
with Seed Morphology by Dr.Günter Hentzschel

English Translation by Chris Holland

German Summaries


The current volume extends the author's work on the genus Yucca to those species growing in Mexico and thus completes the picture. While the whole genus has in the past been badly documented and a source of much confusion, it is probably true to say that the knowledge of the Mexican species is in even worse state than that of the USA species. The author recognises 33 species of Yucca and one subspecies growing in Mexico of which 19 are only to be found in Mexico. In some cases it has been necessary to deposit new type specimens in herbaria as the originals have been lost. The book is extremely well illustrated with multiple plates of most species. The section of illustrations of unknown species suggests how much work still needs to be done on the group. The book, as with the earlier volumes, contains photostats of the original descriptions which is very useful as many of these are in obscure botanical journals which are hard for amateurs to gain access to. A key and all the individual plant descriptions are provided in both English and German. Volume III contains an very extensive bibliography of literature on the genus.

This three volume set now provides us with a standard work on the genus Yucca which is bound to be a major milestone in research on the genus. More work still needs to done but I am sure the availability of these books will encourage interest and further study of these fascinating plants. Highly recommended for anyone who is attracted to these plants.

The book is available from Navajo Country in Europe for 99.-- plus 5.50/pp (abroad 7.50). Unfortunately not cheap but this sort of price arises from small printing run books, with large numbers of colour illustrations.

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A website has been started which will provide on-line some of the information form this series of books.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Indehiscent-fruited species
  • Dihiscent-fuited species
  • Morphology and Anatomy of Yucca L. (Agavaceae) Seeds from Mexico
  • Cultivation
  • Pictures and Illustrations
  • Deutsche Zusammenfassung - German summary
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Abbreviations of Herbaria
  • fh-Fieldnumbers (updated to 2004) / fh Feldnummern (Stand 2004)
  • Index of Scientific Names / Index der wissenschaftlichen Namen Yucca L (Agavaceae) Mexico III
  • Index of Scientific Names / Index der wissenschaftlichen Namen Yucca L (Agavaceae) I-III
  • Index of Common Names / Volksnamen
Yucca III



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