The Colors of El Paso

The Colors of El Paso

This has now been re-released as a DVD with more photographs all of a very high quality. This naturally makes it extremely easy to use by playing back through a DVD player attached to a televison. You will get best results from a reasonable sized screen as I did find the captions a little hard to read on our television which is a little elderly. The DVD version of course benefits from the panning and zooming possibilities of moving images although the presentation is still essentially a sequence of still shots.

The comments are made about the CD version are still relevant as the contents are similar:

This CD takes the form of a multimedia slide show to the accompanyment of classical music. The photographs (more than 250 of them) were all taken within the City limits of El Paso in Texas. The photographs are of exceptionally high quality and a high proportion of them are of cacti. I did not count exactly but I would think over 50%. Other slides show desert wild flowers, scenic shots, a few reptiles and some architectural pictures

The cacti, wild flower and reptile pictures are identified by common and scientific names but otherwise there is no textual information so this is essentially an entertainment CD. That said, some beautiful specimen cacti have been found and photographed at the peak of their flowering time. Some of the pictures can be made available as windows wallpapers.

I tried the CD out on a couple of PCs and did not encounter any problems. The photographers, Gertrud and Ad Konings, are both biologists and live in El Paso.

The DVD is available from Cichlid Press and you can find out more information and purchase copies of the DVD from their website



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