The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
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The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall Services

The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall has grown in twelve years to be a very large undertaking which occupies a considerable amount of our time. It is operated as a commercial business so it has to be profitable. Designing web pages, advertisements and other internet marketing systems for nurseries and other commercial cactus and succulent organisations has been key to our development and has enabled us to sponsor free informational pages, including those for some of the small societies. As we are a profit-making Internet organisation we are very likely to still be operating when many others have long since gone.

We rent a dedicated, managed server located in Dallas, Texas, USA with Hostgator, using the Linux operating system and Apache web server software. See for more information on the server. On this server we can host third party web domains. We can also register domains for you (we have good rates on .com, .org, and domains.) If you already have a domain name or a domain hosted elesewhere it can be transferred to our server. In most cases this just involves copying the files to the numeric address of your account on our server and then changing the nameservers for your domain. This operation is completely transparent to your users. Hosting your domain on our server automatically entitles you to advertsisng on the Cactus-Mall without additional cost.

To cater for personal, club or commercial (nursery) users we have :
Reseller accounts - If you look after a group of cactus and succulent sites we can offer you competitive rates -Please enquire
Commercial accounts (including domain name registration) from £50 (95 US$, 75€) per annum.
Personal or club accounts (including domain name registration) from £40 (75 US$, 60€) per annum
Sub-domain accounts (eg from £30 (60 US$, 45€) per annum
Web pages as sub-directories of from £25 (40 US$, 30€) per annum.
Web pages as sub-directories of from £25 (40 US$, 30€) per annum.

The domains or sub-domains are controlled by a web based control panel using the WHM/cPanel system. This is available in English, French, German and Spanish. More details of the server

Commercial Links

The advertising benefit of a link in a prominent place on The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall is now considerable as current visitor rates average over 2,400 per day. We are therefore asking for a payment for entries to our commercial section at the rate of £20 per annum (36US$, 30€) (payable by MasterCard/Visa or American Express). You can also have a highly promiment link at the top of our front page in the drop down advertisers list for £50 (90 US$, 80€) per annum.

For these payment you will receive:

Nurseries not paying for these options will still be listed on the Cactus Mall on the page nursery.html but this only receives around 100 visitors per day. More details can be found on our advertising page

Advertsing Banners

We will accept linked advertising banners for items that we think will be of interest to a significant proportion of our browsers. These need not be directly related to Cacti and Succulents but are most likely to be related to horticulture. The cost of these is £25 (45 US$, 40€) per annum. This includes design if necessary.

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