Stapeliad Slides of Douglas Huth


The images on these pages were taken by Douglas Huth , a member of the Sussex Branch of the NCSS up to 50 years ago. The plants were in some cases collected by him and it is possible that some forms are no longer in cultivation. Douglas had a considerable influence on the development of of our collection (suzanne and tony mace) and these pages are dedicated to his memory,

Because the slides are so old and were taken taken with comparitively primitive equipment and film it is possible that the colour balance is not very accurate.

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Caralluma europea judaciea

Caralluma joannis

Caralluma moroccana v.tunetanum

Caralluma burchardii v.maura

Caralluma europea v.affinis

Caralluma moroccana v.gattefosse

Caralluma negebensis

Caralluma maris-mortui

Trichocaulon meloforme