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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Over the last couple of years I have become increasingly irritated by the way that media is pushing an agenda on global warming at every conceivable occasion even when it is of little relevance to the subject. I have always regarded myelf as an environmentalist going back to the days of the 'Club of Rome' and 'Limits to Growth' back in the 1960s long before it was very fashionable. I was trained as a research chemist with a PhD but always prided myself on a very wide scientific background. For part of my career I was involved in pharmaceutical quality control so have a good knowledge of statistics and a very considerable knowledge of IT.

I started looking in detail at the arguments for and against global warming being caused by carbon dioxide. It rapidly became evident that the whole scientific question has become totally distorted and corrupted by politicians and money. I am totally horrified and disgusted by this corruption of science. What is happening to the Earth's environment is obviously far more complex than a simple correlation of global temperature with increases of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. Contradictory facts on global temperatures can only be denied and fiddled for so long. The policy constructions placed on this flimsy and simplified theory are extremely dangerous and will have large consequences many of which will have unforeseen effects. So much money and resources have already been invested that there is increasing pressure to deny or obscure data that is currently being collected which does not support the carbon dioxide caused warming theory. The invention of carbon trading is an obscene fiddle of the vilest kind. I am also not convinced that an increase in average global temperatures would be a bad thing on balance.

I have no problem with those suggesting minimising the uses of both energy and and other resources, but the focus on 'carbon' alone is ridiculous. I fear that if it becomes evident in the next 5-10 years that there has been a conspiracy on a grand scale the backlash against the environmental movement will cause great and possibly permanent damage to many of its valid aims. Those who call themselves green would do well to ponder this outcome. Those who have profited by it are likely to come to a very bad end.

I can draw parellels with one of the prime reasons for the current financial crisis in that the real data about the economies of the world have been fiddled with by politicians. This would not be so serious if policies had not then been based on this invalid data. Facts have a habit of biting you back if you ignore them. I would highly recommend reading The Crash Course if you want to learn more about this.

The whole situation of excess use of global resources of course has a relatively simple solution conceptually. The number of humans the planet can support is far less than the current 7.6 Billion, a third of that number might be workable but it would be much better for us and the other species who own this planet if the number of 'homo sapiens were reduced back to 50 million or so. I have no idea I am afraid how to get from our present situation to this sustainable future in an acceptable manner, but our leaders really ought to base policies on moving in this direction rather than the unsustainable growth which they currently promote.

The film opposite is worth watching to better understand some of the issues involved in the global warming scam.

I would also highly recommend this link for a serious examination of the facts.

Dr Tony Mace, 25th January 2009 [Carbon footprint in 2050 = 0 as I will be dead and I deliberately have no heirs]

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