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The Post Office has raised its shipping rates - again.

The spines or weight of these plants makes it necessary to add an additional charge. Depending on what other plants are in your order some of them may need to be shipped in a separate box. All plants are limited in number.

The extra shipping charge must be added to all orders. Use the "Extra charge for Large Plants" line on the order form to add the extra surcharge to your order.

FORBESII MONSTROSE "BLUE TAFFY"Monstrose top and a blue/green body looks like it has been "pulled" like Taffy. 3"-4".$5.50
FORBESII MONSTROSEGreen body with knobby heads, white wool and short back spines. 3"-4".$5.00
cv. "GIANT PEANUT CACTUS"You grow this character for the fun of it. The columnar body is 1"+ in diameter, has very big orange flowers and very neat rows of short appressed spines. It will quickly fill a pot, is easy to grow and puts on a dramatic flower show. 3" offsetting plants.$5.00
HALEI (LLBR 72-119)A rare plant from Magdalena Island in the Pacific Ocean off the Baja California coast. This hard to find little plant has many surprises. It does not have hooked spines like all the other species. It produces big, long tubed, red flowers almost as large as the plants are. The 1" wide stems form a mat-like plant very slowly. The short stiff spines are golden at first then finally grey. Rooted cuts, 2"-3".$6.50
PONDIIUncommon plant from Cedros Island off the coast of Baja California. Stout 1" wide columns with gold spines, sometimes hooked. These plants are 3" tall. The flower is flame red.$10.00
POSELGERIDramatic plant with straight radial spines and a 1" long, hooked black central spine. The columnar plant is about 1" wide and branches often. The flower is bright red. These plants are approximately 5" tall.$9.50
There's a good book by Graham Charles "The Cactus File Handbook #4 - Copiapoa". Lots of good pictures and information.
TENUISSIMASmall growing plant with dramatic purple/black body, tiny spines and white areoles. Seed grown 2".$5.50
GRUSONIIFavorite "Golden Barrel". Stiff gold spines. Nice 3" plants.$5.00
PALMERIBluish body, tubercles tipped with long black spines and white wool. 3"-4" plants$6.00
These plants are not hard to grow if you remember a few facts. They have a shallow root system, prefer a little gravel (not sand) in the mix and won't flower unless they receive enough water. Give them as much light as possible but some shade in hot climates. Water thoroughly in spring and summer, the amount in winter.
DASYACANTHUSRed and white spines. Big pink flower. 4" plants.$6.00
MARTIMUSFrom the northwest corner of Baja California, near Ensenada. It forms large clumps of 2" wide stems, with 2" amber spines. The flowers are yellow. These plants are offsetting and 3"-5".$7.50
OCHOTERENE (LAU 0177)Dark green plants with sparse spines.3" wide x 4" tall.$6.50
REICHENBACHII var. ALBERTIIChubby green plant with neat rows of pectinate spines down the ribs. Big 3" pink flower. 3"+ seed grown plants.$6.50
cv. "HAKU JO"A delightful plant, just fun to grow! A columnar plant with joined ribs felted with white fur. The flower is very large and white. 3"+ tall plants.$5.50
Tree dwelling cacti. Keep shaded, in extra humus and hanging baskets.
BAMBUSIOIDESPretty upright growth. Nice multibranched. Apx. 6".$4.00
CRISPIMARGINATA2" wide, flat, crenulated, thin branches. New growth is deep metallic bronze color. Pretty 1" white and yellow flowers. Different and elegant. Branched plant. Apx. 6".$4.50
HETEROCLADAFine, round stems hang like a green waterfall. Pretty and popular. Nice apx. 6" branched plants.$4.00
HORRIDUSRound stems with short, soft, white spines. 3"-4" branched plants.$4.50
MESEMBRYANTHEMOIDESLittle round leaves. Plant looks more like a Mesemb. than a cactus. Multibranched. Apx. 6" plants.$4.50
RAUHIORUMFlat, bright green stems branch to form a neat hanging plant. 5"-7" branched plants.$5.00
MELANOSTELEFat columns completely covered in soft white "hair". 3" plants.$5.00
These are great pot plants and impressive ground plants in areas that don't get too wet or have ground freeze. They start growing in late winter or very early spring. Not hard to grow. A book is now available.
ALAMOSANUS var. REPPENHAGENIIRare Ferocactus from Michoacan, Mexico. A columnar plant with yellow, straight spines and yellow flowers. Flowers when quite small and bears bright red fruit. 3" seed grown plants.$6.00
EMORYI (aka: F. COVELLII)This is the form with a strongly hooked central spine. The long tubercles will make continuous ribs when older. Flower is blood red and fruit is bright yellow. 3" plants.$6.00
GRACILISThe "Baja Firebarrel". Dark red spines and dark red flowers. Nice 3" seed grown.$6.50
STAINESII (F. PILOSUS)This plant has very bright curved red spines and big orange/red/yellow flowers. When old enough it grows in 12" wide columns and branches from the base. In the wild, you can see 5-6 foot plants with 8-10 columns. It's quite a sight! Very colorful and not hard to grow. Nice 3" seed grown.$6.50
VIERECKIIA clone with a white wool cap, black and white spines and a violet-pink flower that makes this an outstanding species. 2"-3" offsetting.$5.50
"Gymnocalycium, A Collectors Guide" by John Pilbeam will be of use to those who like this genus. His pictures are excellent and a big help in identifying the plants. It was written in England so change the cultural information to fit your area. Most of this species are actually under water during the rainy season so enough water is important during growing season. Easy to grow and in flower as long as they are growing.
BRUCHIIVery small plant seldom has heads over 1" in diameter. The white spines hug the body. Offsets and makes a nice cluster. Mature 1"-2" offsetting plants.$5.00
DENUDATUMBroad, bright green body with thin, pectinate spines. Large white or pink flowers. 2"-3" plants.$5.00
MULTIFLORUMLight green body with long yellow, curved spines. Produces bouquets of white flowers. Nice 3" seed grown plants.$5.00
PIRICARPUSHandsome plant with a matte grey body and semi-appressed grey/pink spines. Big flower is white with red throat. Interesting 2"-3" plants.$6.00
HAMATACANTUSDensely covered with slender red and white radial spines and very long gold hooked central spines. Very large yellow flower with red throat. These plants are 3"-4".$6.50
Most of these plants are easy to grow and the larger species make good ground plants. They will flower more than once a year if they have enough water to do so. A little shade for the smaller species is appreciated by the plants.
ANDALGALENSIS "JOHNSON'S LONG SPINED FORM"Columnar plant with 2"-4" long, flexible, deep gold spines and a 4"-5" deep gold flower. This selected clone is easy to grow and will make nice multiheaded plants. 5" offsetting plants.$8.50
AUREAThis is the red flower form of this species. The short black spines are very dense and the plant is easy to grow. The 3" flower is a beautiful red. 3" offsetting plants.$5.00
CRASSICAULIS "RED VELVET"Dark body with short black spines. Large 3"-4" blood red flower has "velvet" texture. 3" plants.$6.00
LEUCOMALLASilver radial spines and black centrals make this a handsome plant. Lots of glossy yellow flowers. 3"-4" seed grown plants.$5.50
SCHIELEANA var. QUIABAYENSISDark green body with short gold spines along the ribs. Flower is red. Nice 3"-3" plants.$6.50
cv "SLIGHTLY BURNT ORANGE"Thick (3"-4") heavy plant. Forms large clusters. 4" flowers are gold with an orange flair. 5"-6" tall x 4" wide rooted cuts.$8.50
(plus $3.00 for heavy plant)
WINTERIANANeat pectinate yellow spines on a glossy green body. Impressive, big, day-glo pink flower. Chubby 2" plants.$5.00
ERUCABody 6"-8" plus spines. "Creeping Devil" from Baja, California. 2", strong, dagger-like spines. Cuts with side roots.$15.00
(plus $4.00 surcharge)
There are so many different kinds of Mammillarias! Some are very easy to grow, those with hooked spines are a little more difficult. A shallow, smaller pot helps with the difficult ones. A little charcoal in the soil mix helps with the M.carmenae, M. plumosa and M. pennispinosa types. A little gravel in the soil mix helps with those species with a root body bigger than the head. Most appreciate regular water and a little shade in hot climates. Pilbeam's big book (The Cactus File Handbook #6) MAMMILLARIA is an absolutely beautiful reference. All the name changes are there. Superb color pictures of each species with culture notes. It's in alphabetic order with a full list of unused and old names. If you collect Mams. - you have to have this book!
COMPRESSA LONG SPINED FORMThis clone has very large heads, white wool and very long white spines. Forms a cushion shaped plant with many heads. These plants are 4+ in diameter and most are beginning to offset.$7.00
DECIPIENS var. ALBICANSFast growing with longish white spines. Yellow to white flowers. 2" plants.$5.00
EICHLAMII "SPECIAL CLONE" (now Mam. voburnensis var. eichlamii)Most unusual form with very short spines and bright canary yellow wool and flowers. Very attractive, easy to grow and different. 2".$4.50
ELONGATA "Irish Red"Glowing, bright orange spines the color of Irish red hair! Easy to grow. Nice 3"-4" plants. $4.50
HAHNIAN SUPER CLONEThis selected clone has the longest, densest hair and short dense white spines of all other Mam. hahnianas I've seen. 3" x 3" rooted cuts.$7.50
NIVOSAI think this was my first Mammillaria. It still is a favorite. Bright gold spines, lots of white wool, red flowers and fruit. It is from the West Indies, so give it some extra drainage in the soil. 3".$5.00
PLUMOSAFeather covered pillows is a good description for this plant. White, soft and feathery - no green plant visible. Prefers a shallow pot and a little charcoal will keep it clean. 2" plants.$6.00
PRIESSNITZIIA beautiful plant. Heavy tufts of white wool from every areole and a big white, woolly cap. Flowers are a deep rose color. 3" plants.$7.00
SAFFORDII (AKA: M. CARRITTII)This low growing plant has beautiful, hooked, copper-red spines and large yellow flowers with a pink stripe. These plants are 5" in diameter and offsetting nicely.$7.50
SCRIPPSIANA (LAU 2419)Small white spined plant forms nice clusters. These plants are 2" tall x 1" wide.$5.00
AUREIFLORAGold, pectinate spines hug the body in an intricate basket. Flowers are deep yellow. 3" plants. LIMITED$6.50
Grow this plant like any other cactus UNTIL it forms a cephalium. (At this point, the green bottom stops growing and only the cephalium continues to grow.) Then give it the amount of water in the winter and keep above 500F.
DISCIFORMISLives up to its name and produces the orange cephalium when about 6" in diameter and 4" tall. Very neat and tidy plant. 3" seed grown.$10.00
EULALIANAMiniature plant with 1" thick finger-like stems, a soft body, pale yellow spines and a yellow flower. Forms a hemispherical mass 4" tall. Neat. From Peru. 3" offsetting.$6.00
SERICATAColumnar plant covered with white hair and spines. Branches from the base and makes a handsome specimen in a pot or in the ground. The 3" zygomorphic flower ranges from red to orange. These are 5"-6" plants.$6.50
GEOMETRIZANS DWARFThis form is the size of the normal one. The 1" wide bluish stems branch often and form a neat 4-6 foot plant. 6"-8" rooted cuts.$10.00
Almost all the Neochilenias were moved to Neoporteria a few years ago. As most of the books still use the old name, we will use it here. If one doesn't work, look under the other.
JUSSIEUIDark purple body, fountains of black spines and yellow/orange flowers. Dramatic and beautiful. 2"-3" plants.$6.50
Probably the easiest, most satisfying group to grow. They flower like crazy if given enough water and stay bright and happy if given a little shade. Some species have been moved into Parodia (??).
ERYTHROCANTHUSNeat plant with shiny, brick red spines and a white wool cap. Flowers are many and yellow. 3" plants.$5.00
LENINGHAUSIIAlways a favorite. Many ribs densely covered with soft, bright yellow spines. A great old favorite and easy to grow. Nice 4"-5" plants.$6.00
MAGNIFICUSBlue body with soft, short, gold spines and white wool edging the ribs. Lives up to its name. 3"+ seed grown.$6.00
ROSEOLUTEAHandsome plant with stiff, brownish spines and unusual pink flowers. 3" plants.$6.00
SCOPA MURIELLIIDensely white spined plant with nice large bouquets of yellow flowers. Nice 4" clumping.$6.50
INVICTAA fiercely, thick, triangular spined plant from Baja California. The most heavily armed of all Opuntias. New spines are bright red. RC. LIMITED$8.00
(plus $3.00 surcharge)
MICRODASYS DWARF "ANGEL WINGS"White spines cover the small 3" pads. Offsets fast. Nice branched 4" plants.$5.00
PACHYPUSUnusual columnar plant from Peru. Very slow growing. Reaches about 3 feet with sparse branches when full grown. Nice 4".$9.50
PYCNACANTHA var. MARGARITANAHandsome, rare and slow growing species from St. Margarita Island in Baja California. Pads are densely covered with short, stiff reddish spines. Flower is bright sulfur yellow. Unrooted pad.$5.00
TROLLIIChubby plants completely covered in long, wild white hair. Longer fox red centrals peek through. 4" tall x 3" wide plants.$7.00
PALMERIBlue-green columnar plant. Grows lots of white wool along the ribs when older. Neat 6" seed grown plants.$6.00
AZUREUSSky blue skin and short, gold spines down the ribs. Lovely blue columnar plant. 8"-9" seed grown.$10.00
BYLESIANUSThese plants are propagated from material collected in Peru by Paul Hutchison. Forms many small heads in a low hemispheric clump about 5" tall. The flower is white with a long tube and many very pointed petals. It has a nice perfume. The new growth has black spines, the old growth has white spines which gives the plant a kind of "pinto" look. 3"-4" RC.$5.00
We know the European botanists are moving the names REBUTIA - SULCOREBUTIA - WEINGARTIA around at a rather alarming rate. Until they come to some rational (??) conclusion we are using the names you can find in books printed to date. A good reference is by John Pilbeam, "The Cactus File Handbook #2 - Rebutia". An easy group to grow if you keep them growing! A brown crust will creep up from the base of the plant if they do not receive enough water to grow, or are kept in a too hot and sunny location. The two inch bright flowers are well worth the effort to grow these small plants.
ALBIPILOSALong, very dense, soft white spines completely hide the green body. Dark orange flower is a surprise. Very beautiful plant. Seed grown 2" plants.$6.00
DONALDIANAHandsome plant with orange/brown short spines and green body. Offsets fast. Lots of orange flowers too! 4" offsetting plants.$6.00
EOSFunny thumb shaped plant. Roots are larger than the head. Very short appressed spines and orange flower. Offsets in time. Mature 2" offsetting plants.$5.00
FABRISII Pendant formAn unusual hanging plant unlike normal Rebutias. Clusters of elongated stems, sporting bright yellow flowers. Very nice. 3" offsetting.$4.50
FULVISETAA handsome plant with bright red/brown spines and a blazing 2" red flower. A good addition to any collection. 4" plants, offsetting. LIMITED$7.50
MUSCULAShort white spines. Offsets fast and makes a handsome clump. Lots of orange flowers. 3" offsetting plants.$5.00
PERPLEXAThis very pretty plant has bright green body and very tiny reddish spines. It offsets freely. The flowers are a surprising hot pink! 2" plants, mostly offsetting.$4.50
VIOLACEAFLORASmall headed plant with short brown spines. Eye-popping 2" vivid pink/purple flower. 2" mature plants.$5.00
(See note under REBUTIA). As easy to grow as Rebutias but the large roots prefer a larger pot and a little more light. The roots are often larger than the plant body. John Pilbeam's book "Sulcorebutia and Weingartia" is an excellent reference with beautiful pictures of each species. He also makes some sense out of the name shuffling going on now.
ARENACEABeautiful plant with a milk chocolate colored body, very neat pectinate spines and a huge, brassy-gold flower. 2" plants.$6.00
MENTOSADistinctive plant with a shining green body, dark red-black spines and white elongated areoles. The 2" flower is a rich red-purple color. Handsome 2"-3" plants.$6.00
TARIJENSIS KK 864-2This plant is pale green with a few gold spines and distinctive white areoles. 1" plants.$5.00
WEBERIThe 1" round, finger shaped body has beautiful, one inch, white, flexible spines. 3"-4" branched RC.$5.00
GUENTHERIGold spined, columnar plant produces reddish pseudocepahlium when older. Nice 3"-4" plants.$5.50


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