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BREVIFOLIAA petite, tiny Bromeliad with 1" heads. It has long green flowers in winter. 3" clumps (6-8 heads).$6.00
NOTE: Adenias and Adeniums can be poisonous. Be sure to wash hands after handling. Keep away from children.
GLAUCAPlants have beautiful, bright green, caudex trunks. Blue leaves like gecko paws. Nice plants with 8"+ tall trunk, 2" base$12.50
SPINOSAInteresting plant with a green caudex base and spines on the vine. These plants are 6"-8" tall with a 1" wide caudex$12.50
ARABICUMSuper nice, fat trunk caudex on these plants. They are 7"-8" tall with trunks 2"-2" wide. The flowers are pink. Very well branched plants.$13.50
MULTIFLORUMThe flowers are quite different on this Adenium. Very pointed petals are white with a wavy red edge and red center. Trunk caudex is 9"-11" tall with a 2" base. LIMITED.$11.50
OBESUM Normal formSuper nice plants with big red to pink flowers. Keep it a bit dry in winter. These are seedlings selected for lots of branches. 5"-6" tall with apx. 1" base caudex.$7.50
CRISTATUSFat, velvet covered leaves look like triangular pillows with a wide undulating edge. Offsetting plants. 3"+.$3.00
MAXIMUSThis plant produces leaves up to 5" long and 2" wide. Too fragile to ship plants so we are offering unrooted leaves. Easy to root and will produce nice plants. Two unrooted leaves.$4.00
SEDIFOLIUMFat, roundish leaves with a green edge cluster in tight bunches on this plant. Very nice 3"-4", 6-8 headed plants.$4.50
"ZWARTKOP"Means "black head" referring to the black leaves that make this such a beautiful plant. Unlike A. atropurpurea it does not turn green. 6"-8" rosettes.$5.00
AMERICANA var. MEDIO-PICTA ALBAStiff grey colored leaves with bright white midstripe. Maximum size for adult is 22"-24". Not common - certainly beautiful! 6"-7". LIMITED.$7.50
GEMINIFLORAA different and very beautiful plant. Many of you have seen the adult plants near the parking area and asked for them. The symmetrical rosette consists of countless, spineless, very narrow ("), smooth, long leaves. Each leaf produces long, hair like, white filaments on the edges. It does not offset and is long lived. Maximum size about 27" diameter. Super nice 5 year old seed grown. 6"-7".$7.50
LEOPOLDII IIVery narrow leaves have white curling "string" edges and are decorated with white markings. Looks like a bridal bouquet! 6"+ mature plants.$6.50
LOPHANTHA VARIEGATEThe colors on this beautiful plant are bright and intense. The long narrow leaf is edged with tiny red "teeth". Two bright yellow stripes down the two edges, then a dark green stripe on each side of a lime green center stripe. Maximum size 12"-14". Nice small 5"-6" plants.$8.50
TOUMEYANA var. BELLAThis is a beautiful small growing Agave (maximum size is about 10"). It has very thin leaves in a dense rosette. Each leaf is well striped in white lines and has curled white "threads" on the edge. Nice 4"-5" plants.$12.50
VERSCHAFFELTII "DWARF" "Shoji-Raijin"A miniature plant, seldom more than 4" across. 2" x 2" leaves are thick and a pretty frosty green in color. Offsets freely to form a hemispherical mound of heads. Chubby 3".$4.50
VICTORIAE-REGINAE forma COMPACTABeautiful, compact form with shorter, broader leaves than the species and thicker, white markings. Plants propagated vegetatively from clones selected for excellent white markings.
SMALL: Nice plants with 4"-4" full rosette.$7.00
LARGE: 7"-8" plants.$19.50 plus $8.00 separate box, Priority Air.
sp. (Augnables Hills)Miniature African bulb with hairlike leaves with a corkscrew on the tip. Bunches of white flowers with a green stripe and a bright yellow tip. 1"+ bulb.$5.00
All members of this family are more woody than succulent. Water or you will kill them! Keep above 500F.
MONTAGNACIIThe most beautiful of the genus with closely spaced silver thorns and dark, green, notched leaves. 6"-7" RC.$11.50
The smaller Madagascar species are best for pot culture. Keep above 550F in winter. Lots of flowers if given enough water. Most of the larger species are best in the ground in frost free areas. The root systems for both are huge and require re-potting often or a big pot. We trim the brown roots back about the bulk. The plant doesn't need them in a pot as only the new white roots feed it. Several good books are available to determine which grow in winter and which grow in summer.
ALBIFLORAPropagated from material collected in Madagascar by Dr. W. Rauh. A graceful, small growing plant with long slender, dark green, speckled leaves in an upright rosette. The bell shaped flowers are white, an uncommon color for Aloes. These adult plants are full rosettes of 8" leaves.$10.00
x "BLACK BEAUTY"This interesting cross between A. rauhii and A. parvula is very different and beautiful. The rough textured narrow leaves are almost black in color. Nice coral flowers. 4"-5" diameter plants.$6.00
BREVIFOLIAA short, fat leafed, offsetting plant. Full size about 10 inches. Pale blue/grey leaves have soft white teeth. Flower is short and coral in color. 4"-5" plants.$6.00
CONIFERAPretty, small growing plant (10"-12") from Madgascar. The purple/blue leaves are edged with small red teeth. The flower looks like a pine cone. 3"-4" seed grown.$7.50
"DAVID GRIGSBY"Dick Wright named this plant for David. It is a 6 way cross. It is a miniature plant seldom over 3" in diameter. Frosty pink/grey with white spots. These plants are 2"-3" and most are offsetting. Nice plants.$6.50
DISTANSA very different Aloe with short, fat, white spotted leaves. These plants are 6" wide and 8" tall.$6.00
x "DORIAN BLACK"Super hybrid by Dick Wright. Mostly pale white-green with dark green peeking out between the tooth-like white ridges on the leaf surface and edge. Very different. Nice 4" rosettes.$5.50
"FRECKLES"Short plant with coral flowers and very wide, white spotted leaves. Full grown at 6"-7". These plants have 4"-6" rosettes.$5.00
PARVULA var. JACOBSONIIThis variety is larger and bluer than our other plants of this species. It is also not fussy to grow. It is a a very light sky blue with small soft "teeth" here and there on the leaves. Maximum size 8"-10". Offsets to make a handsome cluster. 5"-6" plants.$7.00
PLICATILISWe finally have more of this unusual Aloe with a fan of flat, blue grey leaves. Hefty seed grown plants 6"-8" with 6-8 leaves.$9.00
SABAEAA different Aloe from Arabia. The leaves are a soft lime green and hang down gracefully from the head. This is a tree Aloe so it needs space. The flowers are a soft orange. These young plants are 10"-13" tall.$12.50
ZANZIBARIANice clumping, miniature plant, pale lime green, flush with orange. The leaves are short and wide. Columnar plants 2" wide x 5" tall.$3.00
SCHOONEESIIShort, fat, lightly speckled leaves form rosettes on a low, fat caudex. This "Mesemb" might be only 1" tall but it gets wider and wider and makes big clumps. These are nice plants 3" in diameter with multiple heads.$4.50
SPATHULATAThe little caudex has white spot covered grey-green leaves in a nice hatchet shape. It makes this little plant interesting. The deep red flowers make it beautiful. 3" multiheaded.$4.50
RECURVATAThis old time favorite is often called the "Pony Tail Palm". The slim trunk above a chubby caudex base produces a tuft of long curved green leaves. Young plants with 1"+ base.$4.50
ELLIPTICUMLarge leaves and a green striped, caudex-like trunk. Flowers like a shaving brush. Neat! 6"-7" seedlings with 1" base.$6.50
NANASimilar to the "Pregnant Onion" but has a denser, slightly thicker vine. Bulb will dichotomize (split) into more bulbs. Seed grown. Nice 1"+ bulb.$4.50
Most of the woody Baja California plants don't have a growing season! They grow when water and food are available and stop when too dry or hot. This includes Pachycormus and Idrias (Fouquierias). Keep trimmed to develop trunk and improve appearance. Treat like a tree, not a succulent!
FAGAROIDESOne of the best of the "Elephant Trees". Leaves have spicy odor.
A: MEDIUM: Nice 10 year old seedlings with apx. 1"+ wide x 6"+ tall trunk. Plant trimmed to 10".$28.50 plus $4.00 separate box is needed
B: SMALL: Apx. " wide trunk. 8" tall.$10.50
HOOKERI3 year old with 1" base.$5.00
INSIGNISA very spiny tree of the Bombax family with big 5" yellow/white flowers. The 25 foot tree that is the mother of these plants has 3" cone shaped spines all over the trunk and branches. These seedlings have a nice apx. 1" wide by 3" caudex. Plant 8"-10" tall.$7.50
HUMBERTIIThis interesting African plant forms a short caudex trunk, wide at the top and narrow at the base. Very like an overeight baseball bat. The branches grow out of the top of the caudex. These seed grown plants have a 1" wide x 3" tall trunk and are trimmed at 10".$18.50
BUCHHOLZIANAUnusual and beautiful form of this stout, leafless, silver stemmed, copper tipped clone. 3" branched RC.$6.00
LADISMITHENSIS VARIEGATEFuzzy green and yellow striped leaves. Easy to grow and beautiful. 3" branched plants.$4.00
ARGENTEA "PYGMAE JADE"The red edged, bright green leaves and plant are half the size of regular "Jade". Nice 4" offsetting plants.$3.50
COLUMNELLASmall growing plant with " square stems of tightly packed light green leaves. Flushes orange in bright light. These are very well branched (4-6), apx. 2 "-3" plants.$5.50
GOLLUM "DWARF"Smaller than normal form of this strange monstrose plant. Leaves are cupped at the tip. Great red color when grown in enough light. Nice 6" plants, well branched.$4.00
"TOM THUMB" VARIEGATE cv.This little plant really fits the word "cute". The " pink and white leaves are stacked like flat beads. 3" well branched plants.$4.00
TROLLIIWonderful Madagascan plant with leaves and spines the same length. Forms tree in habitat but can be trimmed to keep in a pot. 7"+ rooted cuttings. LIMITED.$8.50
ELEPHANTIPESGrown from our seed, these 7-8 year old plants have a 3"+ caudex and the typical branched vine with small heart shaped leaves. Warning! Be sure you plant the caudex at least " into the soil. The new roots come out of the side of the plant. These are still young plants so water well once a week when in vine. Water amount once a week if/when plant goes dormant. LIMITED.$39.50
HAWORTHIOIDESA fabulous lily-like species with scaled lily-type bulb. Summer dormant. Removed scales will root and grow new plants. Leaves and flower spike simulate a Haworthia. 2"-3" multiscaled bulbs.$4.50
ATTENUATA var. ORCUTTIISlender, white, round leaves form a neat rosette. Not common. Nice 4" plants.$5.00
CANDIDAReid Moran collected this plant on the Coronado Islands off the cost of California. It's taken us 10 years to figure out how to set seed on the darned things. When mature they have absolutely snow white, long narrow leaves in a dense 4" rosette. These plants are 2"-3" in diamter. Nice seed grown.$8.00
CHORISTAMINEADense rosettes of narrow, toothy, silver green leaves. Flowers are a surprising bright, chrome yellow. Very nice 6"+ plants.$7.50
HUMEANA var. "RAJA"Many of you have seen this "Coral Tree" with its 3 foot x 2 foot caudex here at the nursery. The caudex grows fast and the plant will produce dark red flowers when very young. These 4 year old seedlings have a 1"+ wide caudex. Very good for bonsai.$11.00
These are terrestrial ORCHIDS. You grow them like an Aloe or an Euphorbia. They are from the grasslands of Kenya and look best if given a little shade. Requires a large pot if you want to see flowers. Never let them get dry and keep above 500F.
CALLICHROMAThis ORCHID is from the grasslands of Kenya where it grows in elephant grass. The pleated bulb has long lax leaves and a 3-4 FOOT, branched flower stalk with about a hundred small purple orchid flowers. It is a cloud of flowers! Nice multibulb plants. LIMITED.$22.50
PANICULATA (Oecgoclades calcarata)Short, wide, pleated, shiny green pseudobulbs. 12"-15" narrow, black-green leaves edged with white spots. 3-5 foot flower stalk with many 2" chartreuse and purple flowers. One pseudobulb.$18.50
PETERSIIPseudobulb is topped with very stiff 6"-7" leaves. Flower stalk is 5-7 feet tall, branched and covered with hundreds of 1" orchid flowers. Really neat!
TWO (OR MORE) PSUEDOBULBS: 4"-5" tall, topped with rigid 6"-7" leaves. Plants 12"-14" tall.$24.00 plus $2.00
This group of plants is from almost anywhere you want to name. The culture varies a lot and you should do a little reading to determine what each species prefers. The Euphorbia Journal (all 11 volumes) by Strawberry Press is the best place to start.
AERUGINOSA MINORFour angled stems in a lovely blue color with bright copper colored spine shields. 3"-4" well branched.$5.00
AMMAK VARIEGATEExciting plant. The 4"-5" diameter stem is shaded ivory yellow with pale green. The four deep wavy ribs are edged with small spines. 8"-10".$12.50
ATRISPINUS var. VIRIDUSThis columnar plant has persistent flower peduncles that remain on the plant in place of spines. It is a handsome upright plant that branches nicely. These plants are 1+" wide and 4"-6" tall.$5.50
ATROPURPUREAHandsome plant from the Canary Islands. The thick stalk is topped with 2"-3" lanceolate bluish leaves. The large flower umble is a beautiful dark maroon color. 6"-8" plants. Summer dormant.$6.00
BAIOENSISBlue body with small spines in neat rows. Branches from base like a fountain. Easy to grow. Nice rooted cuts. 6" branched plants.$5.50
COERULESCENSA hefty, thick, no nonsense plant with wide grey, contiguous spine shields up the undulating ribs. Blue-grey body is very stout. Good for the garden in frost fre areas. Nice 6" RC.$5.50
CYLINDRIFOLIAMiniature Madagascan plant with long round, almost black leaves with a tiny furrow down the center. The stems lay nearly flat along the ground. 3" well branched.$4.50
DECARYI DECARYIThis scarce and unique large form has large crinkle edged leaves and up to 1" thick stems. Handsome 3"-4"+ well branched plants.$5.50
DECARYI var. SPIROSTICHABeautiful variety with flat crinkled leaves with a rolled edge and a nice spiral pattern on the trunk. Very nice big plants. 4"-5" multibranched.$6.00
EXCELS (formerly Euphorbia sp. "Tree")This plant has upright 1" square stems neatly edged with short copper-brown prickles. These rooted cuts are 6" and nicely branched$8.00
FASCICULATAA strange and weird Euphorbia. The club shaped body has sharply pointed "chins", no spines and long twisting flower stalks. NOT easy to find, it will fill the "strange" niche in your collection. These plants are 3" tall and 1" wide.$10.00
GENOUDIANAThese plants are seed grown, are robust and have thick stems. Rooted cuts tend to be a bit scrawny. The conical spines are silver with a red tip. Very strange, pointed, green flowers. These 4" x 4" plants were selected for shape and branches (8-9).$7.50
GOTTLEBEIOne of my favorite Euphorbias. The leaves are so narrow they look like fat green hair. The unusual flowers are very narrow, pointed and red. These seed grown plants were seleced for dense branches (5-7) and will make super specimens. These little bushes are 4" x 3".$16.50
GREENWAYIWonderful blue form. It is one of the most exciting Euphorbias! The " square stems bear unusual bright pink flowers. Nice 5"-6".$5.00
HORRIDA MAJOR "BLUE CLONE" sEverything is BIG on this clone. Big body, big spines and a lovely bluish color instead of the normal grey. Nice 4" x 4" plants.$10.00 plus $3.00
KIBWEZENSIS CRESTInteresting crested form of this plant from Kenya. This is the wide, heavy form not the thin form normally seen. Deeply pleated and edged with small spines. Thick 4"-5".$8.00
LACTEA CREST (GREEN)Great old favorite. White markings on a twisted and crested green body. 4"-5".$5.50
LACTEA VARIEGATE CRESTBeautiful green body with an undercast of white. Pink growth-line. A striking, beautiful crest. Nice big 3"-4" folded crest.$9.00
LACTEA VARIEGATE NORMAL FORMThis plant has 3-4 angled stems and branches nicely. Lots of white variegation with splotches of dark green. 3"-5" rooted cuts.$5.00
LEUCODENDRONBranched, round and spineless stems have black "polka dots". From Madagascar. 6"-8" multibranched.$6.50
LONGISPINAThis plant lives up to its name! The " wide stems bear 1" paired spines. Nice 6"-7" rooted cuts.$7.00
MILII var. LUTEAA very popular plant with bright yellow flowers. These plants are well branched and 10" tall. They are pretty little "bushes".$5.00
MILLOTTIIFrom N. Madagascar. Spineless round stem topped with green leaves with a red underside. Chartreuse flowers. Very nice 4" plants.$7.00
PACHPODIOIDESThe club shaped trunk on this plant is topped with leaves, bluish on top and reddish below. These plants are 3" tall x 1" wide.$9.00
PETRICOLACute little dwarf plant from Kenya. Looks like a fountain and forms a root caudex. 4"-5" branched.$4.50
POLYGONA cv. "SUPER WHITE"One of the many "white" forms of this normally green plant. The columnar body is club shaped and offsets to make a nice cluster. Nice large plants, some offsetting. 5"+.$8.00
RICHARDSIAE var. RICHARDSIAEInteresting small plant from Malawi with " stems and " leaves and beautiful red-purple flowers. 4"-5" branched.$4.50
ROWLANDIIRare plant from a very small area in Africa. The rippled 1" wide stems have ribs edged with contingious white spine shields. These rooted cuts are 5"-6" tall. LIMITED.$7.00
STENOCLADAThe usual form of this plant from Madagascar has spines on the tip of EVERYTHING! This form is friendlier, no spines! These rooted cuts are 10"-12" tall and 6"-7" wide and very well branched.$14.50
SUBMAMMILLARIS MONSTROSEA jillion tiny heads in a neat cluster make this a fun plant to grow. It will fill a pot very quickly. These plants are 3"-4" wide with 50+ heads.$6.00
SUZANNAEWe sold out of this neat plant in the catalog last year. For you who asked for it we now have more. Spineless, with soft pointed tubercles covering the plant in a neat pattern. Very bright green. The heads seldom grow to more than 2" across but the plant will offset and form a beautiful multiheaded plant. These plants are 2"-2" in diameter.$5.00
SYMMETRICAThis plant looks much like E. obesa. Until it gets older the differences do not appear. It grows taller with mostly branched flower stalks. Nice 2" seed grown.$5.00
"BABY TOES"Attractive, like clusters of little toes. The ends have "windows" which let light inside the leaf to the food making cells. White or yellow flowers. Nice 2"+ clumps.$3.50
ANGUSTIFOLIAThis is the "other" Fockea. The leaves are " wide x 2" long and the caudex-root is smooth, branched and twisted. Interesting young seed grown plants. 5" plant with nice small caudex apx. 1" wide.$6.00
CRISPAThe name refers to the curled, wavy edges on the pointed leaves. The older the plant and the more light, the more curl to the leaves. Makes a big warty caudex. Seed grown plants.
A: LARGE: Nine year old plants with fat, sassy caudex apx. 2" to 3" wide x 5"-7" long. LIMITED.$19.50
B: SMALL: Plants with 1"-1" wide x apx. 3" long caudex.$5.50
EDULISExcellent seed grown plants with a rough, knobby caudex, vining branches and broad, flat, rounded leaves.
A: LARGE: Super good plants with BIG root-caudex. 2"-3" wide x 6"-7" long.$18.50
B: SMALL: 1"-1" wide x 3" long caudex.$5.00
COLUMNARISThe weird "Baja Boojum". Spiny branches on a trunk at this age. This plant is an opportunistic grower. No particular growing season. When it has enough water it grows - when not enough water, no growth. Nice 5"-6" plants.$7.50
"GREEN ICE"Thick, frosty-pale-ice green, triangular leaves have an overlay of irregular stripes and specks of dark green. The flower is frosty-orange with a green and yellow tip. A terrific plant, as bold in shape as it is subtle in its colors. Robust, neat with fat leaves. Slow to grow. Semi-fan apx. 4".$5.50
This genus is easy to grow but not so easy to grow clean. Black spots seem to be its biggest problem. As this plant grows in mineral rich soils we tried adding minerals to its soil mix. To a large extent this has solved the problem. These plants do almost all their growing from Fall to Spring. Light shading and less water (but no dry pot) works well in Summer. A very good book for excellent information and pictures is "Gasterias of South Africa" by E. J. van Jaarsvild.
ARMSTRONGIITrue plant produced by offset from F/C plants, not hybrid seedlings. Certainly the nicest, and also the slowest Gasteria in the World! Super nice 10 year old plants. 3"-3" fans 1" wide leaves.$8.00
GLOMERATABeautiful monocolored, icy-pale-green leaves with a textured surface. Name means compact. Leaves are about as long as wide. This plant grows in the shade on rocky cliffs near Kongadan, Cape Province, South Africa. Nice 3"-4" offsetting plants.$6.00
LILIPUTANAThe smallest and probably the cutest Gasteria. Full size about 4". Leaves are " wide and about 2" long. Dark black/green with lots of white spots. Flower is soft coral color. 2"-3" offsetting plants.$3.50
RAWLINSONIIA very unusual plant from South Africa. It grows in a stiff stack of monocolored, soft green leaves. These plants have 4-5 ranks of leaves and are 5" tall x 4" wide. Handsome plants.$7.50
VLOKII Clone 1Hefty plant with thick, keeled leaves. Green in shade but a unique pink/purple/grey in strong light. The leaves have lots of small white speckles. The flower is a good shade of orange. These plants were propagated from Kirstenboch Botanical Garden seed. 5"-6" plants.$15.00
MACRORHIZUSA wild cucurbit plant with ivy like leaves on a pretty vine. Grows a big, green, flat caudex if grown in a large pot. 4 year seed grown with caudex 2"-3".$12.00
Great group of mostly easy to grow plants. Stays small, grows mostly in fall to spring, dormant in summer so give some shade and light watering to keep turgid. There are about 5 books available. There are many differences in the authors' opinions. Pilbeam's book has the best pictures and the clearest explanations about the differences.
"CHOCOLATE" cv.A retusa cultivar with chubby reflexed leaves. The faces are rough with dots of various colors. The plant is a yummy chocolate brown color. Nice 3" plants.$6.50
COOPERIPale green, round chubby leaves with a hair at the center point. Nice 3" plants.$5.00
GLAUCATall growing plant. Beautiful windowless blue leaves overlap so it looks like a blue fox tail. 3"-4" offsetting.$4.50
"HAYASHI" cv.This beautiful plants looks like it is carved from waxy black soap! Very, very smooth, sharply pointed leaves form a "fountain" shaped plant. Full grown at about 6" diameter. Very nice 4" rosettes.$10.00
cv "KEGANI"Pretty little plant similar to H. Pygmaea v. crystellina but with longer papilla on the face. Prized by Japanese collectors for its small size, shape and beauty. Full grown 2"-3" plants.$10.00
KOELMANIORUMSelected clone with long, pointed leaves that are bronze-burgundy in color. The leaf surface is covered with various sized burgundy "beads". Propagated from plants F/C in the Groblersdal District in the Transvaal. Super beautiful 3"-4".$8.50
LUTEO-ROSEAVery neat compact plant. Heads seldom over 1" in diameter. Pointed leaves bristle with soft, white teeth. Grows fast. 2" plants.$4.00
MAUGHANI X TURGIDANeat hybrid with rhomboid leaf tips. Just what you would expect from the union of these two! Nice 2" plants.$3.50
MIRABILIS var. RUBRODENTATA(Original plant collected by J. W. Dodson #583). Distinct form with very long narrow leaves, clear "windows" with very few lines. "Teeth" will turn red in good light. 2"-3".$4.50
RETUSA var. ACUMINATA VARIEGATE"White Ghost" is a fitting common name. The top of the pointed leaves are a ghostly white over a translucent green background. Full size 3" plants.$5.00
RETUSA "AKERS BLACK"This clone is a much darker black-green than the normal form. The big triangular faces have the typical white lines. Full size plants are 4"-4" across. These plants are 2"-3" across.$10.00
TRUNCATA fma. CRASSAThis is the bold, large, dark, thick leaved form everyone finds exciting. The BEST form of truncata with leaves about 1" wide in "fans" apx. 3"-4" across. Super!$12.00
TRUNCATA cf. "LIME GREEN"Unusual very light, lime green plant with rough face. Just glows as if it has an interior light. Makes a 4" fan with 1" wide leaves. 3"+ fans, some offsetting.$7.00
TRUNCATA hybrid "SIZUNAMI"Very interesting plant with a very rough, faceted face and dark color. 3".$4.50
XIPHIOPHYLLAEasy to grow plant with long, soft, white teeth along edge of leaf. Apx. 3".$3.50
PLATENSECaudex well branched apx. 2" wide x 3"-4" tall.$14.00
CAPENSISThis handsome African plant has a swollen trunk and soft green, lance-like leaves. Seed grown with 1"+ wide trunk. Well branched 8 year old plants. Trimmed to 10". LIMITED.$10.00
McVAUGHEYBeautiful species from Mexico with a thick trunk. Soft furry leaves, bunches of furry white flowers. The Best! 6"+ seed grown.$5.00
MULTIFIDAForms interesting many branched bush with strange red flowers. 4" leaves are so deeply cut they look like green lace. 7"-8" seedings.$5.00
KALANCHOE TOMENTOSA CULTIVARSFour different color cultivars from Madagascar, originally collected by Prof. Rauh. The lance shaped leaves are covered with a fuzz-like fur.
"CHOCOLATE SOLDIER" cv. - Hershey chocolate brown with black markings on leaf.$4.00
"GINGER" cv. Pale grey with red/black markings on leaf.$4.00
"GOLDEN GIRL" cv. Gold with black markings on leaf.$5.00
"SUPER FUZZY" cv. Long silver-grey "fur". Twice the size of normal form.$5.00
AFRICANAThe smooth whitish caudex produces a vine with deeply cut leaves and yellow flowers with small green veins. The fruit is bright red. These seed grown plants have a caudex 1"+ wide and apx. 3" long, just beginning to branch at the base. $10.00
ARBORIFORMEThis "Mesemb" develops a gnarled caudex with red bark. Keep trimmed for best look. Seed grown with good caudex root. Trimmed to 8". LIMITED.$7.00
ELLENBECKII (sometimes listed as Euphorbia ellenbeckii)Neat round stems with an incised pattern in bright green. Branches nicely. Nice 4"-6" plants (mostly branched).$5.50
RITCHEIShort, fat, lumpy plant in a soft green, flushed red. The flowers are a bright pink. Well branched fat plants, 2" tall x 3" wide.$6.00
DECARYIFascinating tree from Madagascar. Forms a knobby trunk. The tiny leaves are shiny bronze/green. Great for bonsai. Young plants starting to form knobby trunk. Trimmed at 8"-10".$12.50
LATIFOLIASuper beautiful deep purple/red leaves in the usual "clover" pattern but up to 1" across. Yummy lavender/pink flowers. Will not spread. Replant small (") bulbs in October. Large multibulbed plants.$5.00
RUBRARead on! I wish this plant would seed all over. It grows from an above ground caudex that looks like a stack of shaggy marbles. Soft green, clover-like leaves and bright pink flowers. Winter grower. If/when it goes dormant give plant some shade. Neat plants.$5.00
DISCOLORA marvelous "Elephant Tree" from Baja California. Makes a very nice trunk-caudex with Bonsai-like branching. 6 year old seed grown with apx. 1" caudex-base. Trimmed to 8"-9". LIMITED$14.50
These plants grow stout and fat if the soil is NOT rich and you don't use fertilizer. Extra grit (small gravel) mixed in the soil helps the excess water drain out faster. If underpotted when young will also produce thicker, fatter stems. Water well when in leaf or flower, a little less when (and if) they are dormant. Lightly squeeze body with fingers - if soft, not enough water. Should be firm all year long. Keep above 500F.
BICOLORSimilar to P. densispinum, this plant has silver stems and bright green leaves. It has a habit of branching young and produces a better looking adult plant. The flowers are bright yellow with a white throat. These seed grown plants were selected for their branches (4-6) and are 4"-6" tall.$11.50
GEAYIHandsome plant with long, dark green leaves with a pink mid rib and veins at the top of the spiny, fat trunk. Chubby 6" plants.$5.00
GRIQUENSISThis plant produces a big caudex and semi-stiff branches with narrow, sharply pointed leaves. The white flowers come in bunches and hae a neat narrow red stripe down the middle of the petal. These young plants hae a 1" wide caudex and are 5"-6" tall.$10.00
LAMEREINarrower leaves than the variety. Lots of white flowers. Easy to grow. 8"-10" plants.$7.50
LEALII SAUNDERSII6" chubby seedlings.$4.50
SOFIENSEThis is a fairly new and hard to find plant. Our adult plant set seed three years ago so we have a few for you. The young plants are similar to P. lamerei BUT are very different as they grow up. They form a short barrel-like stem about 2 feet tall then flower and branch. The flowers are in large bunches with slightly twisted white petals with a faint purple edge. The wonderful perfume will amaze you! Seed grown 15" tall body, 2"-3" wide.$30.00 plus $5.00
Easy to grow if "bush" type, takes a little practice if underground tuber type. Winter grower but will grow all year long if watered. Protect from heat in summer and cold in winter.
CARNOSUMSuper nice deep cut leaves, green, edged with silver-white. Nice plump, RC. $4.50
ECHINATUMSoft, petticoat leaves and flowers that are at first white and then turn pink. Nice 6" rooted cuts.$5.00
HIRTUMInteresting plant with a stem topped with bright green ostrich plume leaves. Flowers are a solid lilac-pink with two purple spots. Nice 4"-6" plants.$5.00
TRISTEThis plant forms a caudex-root and has fantastic hairy, fuzzy, carrotlike leaves. Slow but interesting. Nice plants with caudex root.$17.50
sp. (FKH 16881)Frank Horwood collected this near Steinkope, South Africa. It grows from strange potato-like tubers and soon produces a stem with very pretty, red flushed, fuzzy leaves. Flowers are a pretty lilac-pink with red spots on upper petals. Check soil carefully for new tubers when re-potting. Nice plants with tuber.$8.00
NATALENSIS(aka: Fockea tugelensis, aka: Tacazzea natalensis and who knows what more changes to come??) A rare, interesting and slow growing Asclepiad with a round, rough, red barked caudex and a red vine with shiny green leaves with red undersides. Pretty too! Seed grown plants with 2" wide caudex.$7.50
AFRA VARIEGATEThis gaudy colored plant has deep red stems and cream and green variegated leaves. Procumbant form, easy to grow. Good for Bonsai. 6"-7" well branched.$4.50
DIFORMISInteresting Mesemb with sharply pointed, keeled leaves with small dots of dark green on a lighter green surface. Flowers are a brassy yellow. These multiheaded (3-5) plants are 2"-3" across.$5.50
FLANAGANIIThis Asclepiad forms a smooth caudex which produces a brown woody vine with 4" velvet soft leaves. Nice chubby root caudex apx. 2"-3" wide by 3"-4" long.$9.50
PERUVIANASeed from plants collected by Rauh (#24223) in Pucairia, Peru. The bulb-caudex produces a pair of thick, tongue like leaves. When mature these leaves are 6" wide and 12" long. A tall stem with a umbel of 3" long, blue-green flowers will appear after the winter dormant period. Nice seed grown with apx. 6" leaves and 1"-2" bulb.$8.50
Very satisfying plant to grow. As a rule of thumb - if you can bend tip of leaf easily it likes more shade. If tip is stiff - it likes more light. Always looks better if not in full sun. Dormant from September to April or May. Water well when growing, about the amount when dormant. Great house plant.
"BANTEL'S SENSATION"Long, narrow leaves, grey-green with many bright, white stripes. Nice plants.$7.50
CANALICULATA Stiff, curved, round, single leaf per plant. Shallow channel. Very slow to grow. From Madagascar. Apx. 10".$8.00
CANALICULATA DWARFThis plant from Madagascar is half the size of the regular plant in both length and diameter. It has only one, single, cylindrical leaf per plant but offsets well.$7.50
FRANCISII FKH 432From Garsen, Kenya. Forms 5 vertical rows of overlapping round, very pointed leaves when adult. An odd form somewhat like a raccoon tail. 4"-6" plants.$7.00
"FROSTY SPEARS" cv. Pale grey/green and white. This is a real beauty. It will spiral like a helix when it gets older. Nice 6"-7" plants.$12.50
"GRAY LADY" GC81032Lovely gray color, banded gray in the center. Multiheaded plants.$7.50
MASONII (MASON/CONGO GC 78133)Fabulous mottled bluish color. Can make leaves 9" wide, 30" high! Nice plant 8"-10".$10.50
PATENSThick, ridged leaves form a "fan" of curved graceful leaves. We think it is one of the most beautiful of all the genus! Plants 7"+ "fans".$10.00
PINGUICULA LAV 12240These are propagated from plants collected by John Lavranos in Socotra. Stiffer and more compact than the African form. These plants are 7"-8" tall loose rosettes.$28.50 each plus $7.50 for separate box
SCHWEINFURTHII GC78210Leaves are very dark green and tapered round. The sculptured form is beautiful. The plant grows in an "S" shape rather than the normal rosette. Super 16"-18" plants. LIMITED.$18.50
SINGULARIS GC78124A plant that varies with age. It has flat, short, thick, dark leaves when young. Slowly the leaves lengthen and become thinner with a narrow channel. Finally the leaves are round with a tiny channel. Semi-adult BR.$5.00
SUFFRACTICOSASharply pointed round leaes banded in green and white. The plant sends out "satellites" so is best grown in a hanging pot. Nice 4"-6" plants.$5.00
sp. GC81069 "BASEBALL BAT"(Now S. hallii from Zimbabwe). There is no known Sansevieria like it. A plant has one or two broad channeled leaves, ridged on the face. The channel is the same width as the leaf! The adult leaf is 2"+ wide, up to 12" long and 1"+ thick!!! And it is as hard as a rock! We fondly call it the "Baseball Bat". This plant belongs in every collection. Nice plants with one or two 6"-8" leaves.$10.00
sp. LOBAL, KENYAPropagated from material found near Lake Baringo, Lobal, Kenya. Deep green leaves form a fountain-like rosette. 6"-8" rosettes. LIMITED.$12.50
VANDERIETAEThis plant forms a flat topped, many branched small bush. The large flower is a pretty lilac color and looks like it's made of crepe paper. Nice branched 4" plants.$12.50
FURFURACEUSSmall, slow growing and interesting plant from the pine forest in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The thick, lateral stems bear short branches of dense, fat, purplish " leaves flecked with white wax. Star shaped pink flower. Can be grown as a hanging plant or trained into a Bonsai shape. Chunky 6" well branched plants.$4.50
HAWORTHII "Cass Form"This form is bigger, whiter and more dramatic than the normal form. The felted leaves have a small ridge on each side instead of being round. It is handsome! 6".$6.00
SCAPOSUSTranslucent silver-white, round leaves form a neat rosette. Nice 3"-4" plants.$5.00
TUBIFLORAStrange plant with irregularly shaped "biscuit" like caudex. Stiff stem has lovely 1" x 4" soft, furry leaves. The many tube shaped flowers are white. Nice 1"-2" caudex.$5.00
CALCAREAPretty Mesemb. with pink knobby tips on grey/blue leaves. Nice multiheaded (3-5) plants.$4.00
HUGO-SCHLECHTERIColorful Mesemb. with honey brown knobs on the edge of pink/grey leaves. Nice 2" multiheaded plants.$4.50
BULBOSUMThese plants with their pink flowers, tiny leaves, and big caudex root are always a favorite. The caudex on this 4 year old plant is apx. 1" wide. Very nice.$7.00
DEBILISThis member of the Cucumber family has a smooth, twisted caudex and lace like leaves on a clambering vine. Yellow-orange fruit. Neat 6 year old plants with 2"+ wide. apx. 3"-4" tall caudex.$10.00


A clone is a single plant grown from a single seed. Every plant grown from a seed is an individual clone. Like people, one in a thousand plants is so different and beautiful it stands out from all the rest. It is not a hybrid. It is propagated by cuttings so none of the unique characteristics are lost. Every cutting is genetically identical to the clone it is cut from. So, to set apart these very special plants we call them "Super Clone".