157) Alabaster (NCS) this is another one of my blue series, it is super miniature compared to the others, 4" diameter mature, very short, angular shaped, semi glossy silver blue leaves, in semi rosette, very pretty, very slow. N/A
158) Annie (NCS) narrow pale olive green leaves, striped and finely spotted with silver, and are slightly striated with silver. Medium upright, loose rosette, leaves about 4" long, slow, has not pupped as yet, and is a fairly old plant too. $20.00
159) Armstrongii hyb.Bob Taylor ( Taylor) this is an unusual form of armstrongii, could be specie or natural hybrid, as this plant I have had for many years, very slow, and very pretty, it rarely pups, so must propagate from leaves. N/A
160) Armstrongii hyb. Button's (NCS) very short, thick, and wide dark green leaves with flared leaf tips, ending with a sharp point, very slow growing, stout rosette to 4" diameter in many years. $10.00
161) Armstrongii hyb. Fatty, this is an unusual hybrid of armstrongii having super thick, fat, wide dull green leaves, forms many offsets with age, slow, as are all the armstrongii forms, to 6" diameter in many years. $15.00
162) Armstrongii "Harry Johnson", plant in picture is very old, over 30 years old !! Extremely slow growing, but it is beautiful, this one Harry collected in South Africa, I do not know weather it is a specie or natural hybrid, super thick almost black leaves, nice small $75.00
163) Armstrongii hyb. Isabelle, very uusual gasteria, with super wide short glossy dark green leaves, coming to sharp points, spotted with white, very slow, but very pretty so its worth the wait, it does pup but not many, best form if kept single. N/A
164) Armstrongii hyb.marginata (Japan) very rare and very unsual, dark green leaves covered with small tubercles, margined with creamy yellow, very very slow, and will produce pups which are margined, but not all, keeping this plant very rare!! Ask, nice 2" $100.00
165) Armstrongii hyb.Queen (NCS) very unusual hybrid, super thick wide, glossy dark green leaves, deeply grooved down the middle, semi banded with silver white tubercles, very slow, 6-7" diameter in many years, does not pup well, very unusual form, l ½" $75.00
166) Armstrongii hyb. Rufus (NCS) this is a super mini form, from 2" - 3" diameter, forms pups with age making a small mound of tiny rosettes, very slow, and is the smallest form of armstrongii I have seen ever!!! nice small 1" diameter pups, slow, $75.00
167) Armstrongii hyb. Sunny (NCS) very pretty and unusual variegation, very smooth glossy dark apple green leaves striped with golden yellow that fades in and out, when in growth color is at it's strongest„ very slow, to 6" diameter in many years. N/A
168) Autumn Sunset (NCS) beautiful, glossy wide dark green leaves, very thick, spotted with fine white spots, heavily striped with golden yellow, medium size grower, leaves about 7" long in semi rosette, very slow growing. N/A
169) Azul (NCS) very glossy, and super smooth leaves, very wide, thick and slightly grooved and striated, very unusual silver pale blue green color, but is more on the pale blue side. Has not pupped yet, and also is fairly old plant, and is very slow growing. N/A
170) Baylisiana, this is a beautiful miniature specie, semi rosettes to 3"- 4", forms clumps with age, freely pupping, so will form nice small mound of pups, leaves are gray blue color, covered with small white tubercles, purple red tones in bright light, $5.00
171) Batesiana Black Form, this is a very beautiful specie type of batesiana, turning to almost black in strong light, very slow, leaves are deep purple green covered with tubercles, forms spiral rosette with age, it does pup out with age, nice small 2" diameter $25.00
172) Batesiana variegata (NCS), this is from one of my plants that went to this beautiful variegation, its is from the old large form of batesiana, rosette to 12" with great age, It will pup with age but so far been unsuccessful, leaves as well, very slow, rare N/A
173) Batesiana dwarf hyb. (Japan) very pretty and unusual hybrid of batesiana from Japan, stays small for many years, mature 10-12" diameter in many years, very thick fleshy leaves dark green covered with pale white green tubercles, forms multicolored rosette, slow $15.00
174) Big Blue III (NCS) this one I have had for quite a while, forms medium sized rosette of very thick wide fleshy leaves, pale blue green, forms large rosette to about 16" in diameter with great age, pups good, and is medium grower.nice 3-4" $20.00
175) Black Beauty (NCS) very different coloration, thick narrow glossy dark green to almost black in bright light, semi grooved with pale yellow green colors, also speckled with dull creamy yellow, forms nice small clump with age, to 5"- 6" diameter with age. $15.00
176) Black Panther variegata (NCS) well when I was taking these pictures, noticed this one had nice pup coming that is striped with white, which is very unusual as this is one of my earlier hybrids, and I have grown many of them, but this will be gorgeous ! ! ! N/A
177) Blue Boy (NCS) another one of my giant blue series, this one is little slower then the others, very thick wide angular leaves in huge rosette to 18" + diameter, leaves edged with dark green in places, leaves to 10-12" long, with age, forms few pups, nice 3-4" $40.00
178) Blue Eyes (NCS) this one of the best of my blue giants, not sure how large this one will get, but will probably reach 18" diameter or so, very thick powder blue leaves that have very blunt leaf tips, leaves margined with dark gren color, very slow, $50.00
179) Blue Ghost (NCS) very unusual color, very thick, fleshy, pale blue almost transparent leaves, semi rosette to 8", which looks as if it may spiral, forms many pups with age, this is a very pretty plant, it's a medium grower, nice 3"-4" plants, $35.00
180) Blue Monster variegata (NCS) very beautiful, this is a variegated form, that came out nicely variegated from a leaf from normal Blue Monster, its very slow, and highly variegated as you can see, and I hope I can propagate it in the near future, rare, N/A
181) Blue Thunder (NCS) this a mini form, my blue series and one of the best, not sure how large it will get, but has super wide leaves and starting to spiral now, very slow, and slow to pup, very pale powder blue, with dark green edges. N/A
182) Blue Royale (NCS) giant blue series, this is one of the prettier forms, with super wide thick angular type leaves, blue green color, but little more on the green side, very slow growing, making few pups, beautiful plant, nice 3-4" diameter plants $45.00
183) Bob Taylor (Bob Taylor) this is one of the oldest of the variegated Gasterias, thought to be a specie for many years, but is a fast growing hybrid, first one I got from Bob Taylor, one of the old time cactus and succulent growers, so I named it after him!!! 3" + , $35.00
184) Boomer (NCS) unusual, many thick, narrow leaves, apple green color, edged with silver gray colors, medium grower, spotted with small white tubercles, forms nice clump with age, very pretty, nice 4"-5" plants, $17.50
185) Citron (NCS) very unusual, armstrongii hybrid, semi monstrose, dark glossy green leaves, covered with tubercles, semi rosette to 4" diameter, very slow, and slow to pup, hopefully will have some for sale later on, if my leaves take ! ! ! N/A
186) Charlamane (NCS) this is a mini form, semi rosette of short narow, thick, silver gray leaves, spotted and speckled with silver and dark green, it's very similar to Silver Queen, but stays much smaller, very pretty, very slow, N/A
187) Clarence Wright (Wright), this plant was hybridized by Dick Wrights Father, so I named it after him, very slow, super thick, wide, dark glossy green leaves spotted with large white spots, very pretty, to 18" diameter with great age. N/A
188) Clarion (NCS) this is wonderful plant, extremely slow, and just beautiful, with short wide very glossy dark green leaves stiriped with bright yellow, forms stout semi rosette with age, will eventually reach 8" diameter. N/A
189) Cleopatra (NCS) gorgeous plant, very wide thick fleshy dark green leaves speckled with creamy white dots, striped with bright yellow, very slow, forms semi rosette to 12" diameter with age, nice small 3" plants, $75.00
190) Cordillera (NCS) forms stout rosette, of short wide thick leaves coming to sharp points, unusual color and shape, dark blue green leaves, sriped and striated with silver, spotted with silver tubercles also, very slow, nice small 2-3" $35.00
191) Deluxe (NCS) this is very pretty armstrongii type hybrid, semi rosette to 5"- 6" diameter, dark green leaves striped heavily with silver, leaves are slightly grooved and striated, forms nice clump with age, nice small 3" plants, $25.00
192) Duke (NCS) semi rosette of many thick, narrow leaves, dark olive green, striped and spotted with silver, does not get very big, 6" diameter, and does pup well, very slow, need bright light for best growth, and leaves will shorten up more also. 2-3" $20.00
193) Dumb Luck (NCS) super mini form, with very small short thick fleshy dark olive blue green color leaves, with small tubercles, semi rosette to 3" diameter mature, very slow, and very unusual, and with more of an armstrongii look to it, seems to pup well, just so very slow, l ½ - 2" $75.00
194) Dusty (NCS) very pretty armstrongii hybrid, pale silver green color, slightly tubercled all over the leaves, leaves are every short, fleshy and are almost round, forms mini semi rosette in many years, seems to pup well, nice 1½" to 2" very slow, $75.00
195) Dutchess (NCS) this plant has very narrow leaves to about ½"- ¾" wide, about 8" long, forms dense clump of many pups, and very different from any Gasteria I know of, medium grower, bright apple green leaves, 3-4" diameter. $10.00
196) Eclipse (NCS) this is a new one, and I really don't know how it will turn out, but its getting prettier, has long, wide, leathery, leaves in a loose upright rosette, dark green striped and striated with silver, about 10 " diameter right now, and may get larger, 3" pups, $45.00
197) Emerald (NCS) beautiful mini form, glossy dark green leaves, almost black in bright light, striped with iridescent pale lime green, slow to pup, to 3" diameter mature. N/A
198) Emerald Giant (NCS) this is going to turn out to be very pretty Gasteria, found this one, and full of pups in the green house, forms semi rosette of very glossy wide thick fleshy leaves, dark emerald green, will be most likely striated with age, nice 3" + $25.00
199) Equinox (NCS) another new one, its going to be a quadricolor, very thick, wide leaves, dark green striped with silver, creamy white, and pale lime green, going to be a striking plant when mature. N/A
200) Esmeralda (NCS) very unusual Gasteria with leaves stacked tightly on top the other, colors changed as winter here, has very wide thin dark glossy green leaves, changing to yellow and red tones, when in growth, very pretty and unusual, nice 4" diameter $20.00
201) Esparanza (NCS) very pretty, thick wide upright leaves in open rosette, mostly silver colored leaves, spotted with pale white tubercles, striped with dark green also, this one will be very nice when it matures, slow. N/A
202) Fradenza (NCS) this is hybrid of transvalensis, but I do not know how big it will get yet, but I imagine it will be very large grower, to good 2ft diameter plus ! ! glosy almost black green leaves, very thick and angular with age, very pretty, slow, N/A
203) Gasteria Dingo (NCS) this is a very different looking Gasteria,with its unusual color, and leaf shape. Leaves are dark green heavily spotted with silver,with contorted silver blue leaf tips!! Makes nice clump,or can be kept single for the specimen look!!! nice 4" diameter plants $15.00
204) Gasterworthia "Anne Sheen" this is another hybrid from Anne Sheen, its very unusual and very pretty, slow, stay very small to 3" diameter, super thick, very angular shaped leaves.pale apple green covered with white spots. N/A
205) Gasterworthia Nature's Curiosity Shop, this is very unusual hybrid of haworthia limifolia, will form rosette of very thick hard leathery dark olive green leaves, very slow, but worth the wait, will get to 4" diameter with age, slow to pup, nice small, $25.00
206) Gastrolea Beautiful, very pretty Gasteria X Aloe hybrid, similar to beguinii, but many more leaves in rosette, leaves are very dark green covered with many white tubercles, pups out well, can keep single for specimen look, or let it clump out, either way very pretty plant, nice pups, 3" diameter plus, medium easy to grow, $7.50
207) Gastrolea Mini Belle (Hummel) very unusual, many nvery narrow dark glossy green leaves in tight rosette with age, forming many pups in time, and will form nice clump, this was named after Mr. Hummel's wife Mini Belle, little on the slow side, small $ 7.50
208) Gastrolea Nature's Curiosity Shop variegata, well this was a beautiful plant, one of the normal forms put out this variegate from a leaf cutting, but the plnt is no longer, froze;just was so pretty, I wanted to show all of you, may happen again??? N/A
209) Ghost (NCS) this is a super miniature form, armstrongii hybrid, this plant is very old, at least 15 years old, and has not grown any larger then 2 ½" diameter, incredibly slow, and been unable to propagtae it as of yet, but will try again, very slow!!! N/A
210)Japanese Giant hyb. normals, this is the normal form of the Giant hyb.Japan variegata, it has begun its giant spiral form in the picture, and will continue to get much larger leaves, deeply curved in the leaf centers, dark green heavily spotted with white tubercles, nice 4" diameter, $7.50
211) Japanese Giant hyb. variegata, this is a very large growing variegated Gasteria from many years ago, will reach 2ft plus diameter, long dark green angular shaped leaves with age, heavily striped with cream to bright yellow, covered with many white tubercles, slow, nice $35.00
212) Gigantor (NCS) this is going to be and awesome plant, and a big one too, as it just started to grow this year and very quickly made this large semi rosette, super wide fleshy bright pale green leaves, l think this one will get to 24" diameter when mature!!! N/A
213) Glomerata this is a very pretty specie, that is very variable in color, size and shape, semi rosette of very thick wide leaves, very pretty blue green color, forms many pups with age, can be kept single for specimen look, or forms nice clump, to 4" diameter, $7.50
214) Golden One (NCS) very unusual, leaves are totally variegated with golden yellow, leaf centers have the chlorphyll, which you can hardily see any green at all, this plant is very old, and very rare as of the coloration, very slow. N/A
215) Golden Rays (NCS) forms small semi rosette to 5" diameter, dark green leaves striped with golden yellow, will be very pretty plant, when it has little more age to it, slow, will form nice clump with age, or can be kept single. N/A
216) Gracilis variegata Silver (Japan), this is another form of the variegated gracilis forms from Japan, thick, leathery dark green leaves, striped heavily with silver gray, forms many pups, but best if kept single. $5.00
217) Granador (NCS) well this is very unusual and beautiful plant, with the most unusual color, forms upright spiral rosette, leaves are very pale, almost white color of green almost transparent, incasing a dark green fleshy leaf slow growing. N/A
218) Gray Ghost (NCS) this plant is so old, 17 years and has only put out one or two pups, and refuses to grow from leaves, its an armstrongii hybrid, and I just thought I would show you the picture, its very unusual color, splashed with cream, very pretty. N/A
219) Gargantuan (NCS) this is a giant plant, as they are getting larger and larger with age, semi rosette, to full rosette with age, super thick, wide shinny blue gray leaves, to 18" diameter, and I exspect to reach 24" tall when mature, beautiful plant, nice $20.00
220) Hailey (NCS) this is the most beautiful of my blue series, very slow, the Momma plant froze, so I only have a small one to show to you, very unusual color, dark silver blue, changing to blue, that have dark green color radiating around the leaf edges, very slow, very limited.small 2" $50.00
221) Iceberg (NCS) beautiful plant, forms medium size semi rosette with age, very pale blue leaves, grooved and striated in bright light and if grown slowly, very slow, slow to pup also, but worth the wait, do not over water, nice small. $35.00
222) Jose (NCS) this is going to be a beautiful plant, forms nice semi rosette of very thick wide dark glossy green leaves, heavily speckled with silver, with silver leaf edges, and looks as if the silver will make some sort of unusual formation of the silver color. N/A
223) Jumping Jack (NCS) also an armstrongii hybrid, very unusual leaf coloration, dark apple green leaves, striped with pale green color, which I think will change to more yellow green with age, slow to pup, to 6" diameter with age. N/A
224) King (NCS) super mini form, semi rosette to 2" diameter, forms small clump with age, very slow, dark green leaves highly variegated with bright yellow, very pretty and unusual as of the small size. N/A
225) Kongongo variegata (NCS) this is variegated form of Kongongo which I found growing years ago, very slow, and unusual variegation, needs good bright light to color up, pale creamy yellow, to creamy yellow color, very slow, keep normals removed. $20.00
226) Laura Ann (NCS) very pretty, dark glossy green leaves striped with bright yellow variegation which fades in with age, will from nice clump, but best if kept single, very slow, hopefully will have some available later on, ask?? 3" diameter, $50.00
227) Liliput (NCS) this is the smallest gasteria that I know of not that pretty, just unusual as of its size, forms nice mini clump of tiny semi rosettes, to 2" diameter, very slow, do not over water, in bright light rosette will be even smaller, and more compact. $17.50
228) Lizard (NCS) very unusual and pretty, super thick narrow leaves, that are almost round, pale dark green blue color, spotted heavily with large white spots, very slow, but worth the wait as a specimen of this plant is fantastic, lost the Momma, 3" $35.00
229) Lobo (NCS) this is very unusual, has very long wide leaves to 12" long, forming semi rosette to almost 24", has not pupped yet, so will have to wait for leaves to produce pups, very pale green striped and striated with silver, leaves almost 3 " wide. N/A
230) Lucifer (NCS) armstrongii hybrid, super dark glossy almost black green, wide, thick leaves, one in picture should be much darker, needs more light and will get very dark, forms compact clump, best if kept single, very slow, small 2-3" $25.00
231) Luna (NCS) this is a very pretty plant and very unusual coloration, has many tones of dark green and silver gray colors, with some striation to the leaves, semi rosette of almost translucent leaves, to about 8" diameter, very slow, no pups as of yet, slow, N/A
232) Maxim (NCS) this is another in my Giant Blue series, this one is finally showing some character now, leaves are much shorter then the others, forming compact semi rosette to a full spiral rosette, to about 12" diameter, very slow, N/A
233) Maxima (NCS) another in my Giat Blue series, this is also a smaller rosette form, but still young yet, so may get much bigger, to about 18", many off the Blues look a like but when they start to mature, you can see the difference between them all ! ! ! N/A
234) Maya (NCS) new, unusual leaves, slightly contorted, very thick, fleshy, wide, pale green leaves, spotted with many pale white and lime green tubercles and spots, slow, this has way to go to see what it turns into, but its pretty now, nice 3" +, $20.00
235) Medalion (NCS) this is an old hybrid of mine, semi rosette of super thick, wide, short, dark green leaves striped heavily with golden yellow, speckled with white, very slow. N/A
236) Mirabal (NCS) this is a mini form, small spiral rosette with age to 3- 4" diameter, slow, narrow, thick leaves are very dark green almost black in bright light, striped with iridescent stripes of darker green color, slow, small 2" $ 25.00
237) Moe (NCS) this is magnificent hyb. Which I thought was marmorta, but it has turned out not to be marmorata, according to my momma plant's growth this year, it is one of my hybrids, very slow, super thick, short, wide dark green leaves heavily spotted with large white tubercles, nice 3-4" plants, $25.00
238) Moto (NCS) new, has very wide, 2 ½ " plus, hard leathery leaves, dark glossy green, that look as if they may start to striate very soon, adding more attractive characteristics of this plant, takes years to form the change in Gasterias. N/A
239) Mozambique (NCS) fabulous armstrongii hybrid, this plant s very old and still no pups, but may have some later from leaf propagation, its incredibly slow growing, small 2" $100.00
240) Octopus (NCS) well this is just a wild looking Gasteria, very unusual color, dark very wavy, deeply grooved, dark green leaves, banded and spotted with silver, beautiful, nice small, 2"- 3" diameter, $ 75.00
241) Rays of Sun (NCS) this is a very pretty plant, when it starts to get a little older, and its fairly old already, super mini form, very short wide green leaves, heavily striped with creamy yellow to orange colors, and even some red tones, plant is 3" diameter!! N/A
242) Rhonda (NCS) this is one of my first hybrids, that was nicely variegated for a while, then turned green, and now is turning variegated again after all those years of being green, and only a few pups, so hopefully will have some variegates to sell in the future ! ! N/A
243) Royale (NCS) another of my blue series, this one does not get nearly as big as the others, maybe 12" diameter with age, leaves are much more narrow on this plant then the other blue forms, very slow, nice3"- 4" $40.00
244) Ruby (NCS) this is just a fabulous Gasteria, if I say so myself !! Super mini form to 3" diameter, very slow, narrow, thin leaves, dark green striped and striated with silver, with ruby red tones in cool weather or good bright light, may be available later on, ncie small 1" diameter, I have never seen a Gasteria color up like this one, ask $100.00
245) Saphire (NCS) turning into a very beautiful plant now, with lot of character, and very unusual color, bright emerald green, forms semi rosette of short very thick fleshy leaves, best if kept single, but makes nice plant with the pups left on, nice 3-4" $20.00
246) Shaharasade (NCS) this one I found when we were moving plants around in the greenhouse, beautiful variegated pup, coming from this nice Gasteria hybrid of mine, which is turning out to be nice plant, and will be awesome with creamy white variegation! ! N/A
247) Solana (NCS) new, very wide, thick, fleshy, glossy green leaves, forms stout semi rosette with age, about 8" + diameter when mature, unusual as of the very blunt rounded leaf tips.slow growing, very pretty. N/A
248) Silver Bill (NCS) forms very short stout rosette of thick wide leaves, armstrongii hybrid, pale green leaves, striped and striated with silver, forms spiral rostte with age, slow, very pretty, keep single for best character, $25.00
249) Silver Spiral (NCS) new, forms large many leaves rosette to 9"diameter, leaves are slightly contorted with their wavy growth, totally silver with few stripes of dark green, very pretty, medium grower, nice 3-4" diameter pups, $35.00
250) Silver Spots (NCS) unusual color, very wide, thick, fleshy leaves, starting out silver, then turning more of a pale green towards the tips, with silver spots, small 2-3" $17.50
251) Silver Tips (NCS), this plant looks more like madagascariensis, with silver leaf tips, super thick wide dark green leaves spotted with white frosted with silver at the leaf tips and with silver colored cross bands, most unusual, very slow, nice small 2-3" diameter. $35.00
252) Silver Q, (NCS) another armstrongii hrbrid, very thick, wide leaves it stout semi rosette of dark green leaves, striped heavily with silver, very pretty, slow. $40.00
253) Splendor (NCS) very pretty miniature form, semi rosette to about 5 " diameter with age, dark green leaves, spotted with pale white striped heavily with gold yellow N/A
254) Squiggles (NCS) new, very pretty and unusual, thick wide bright green glossy leaves, that are all wavy and curved, then narrowing towards the leaf tips, slow. N/A
255) Star Light (NCS) this is an unusual mini black form, armstrongii hybrid, as of the size and leaf form, semi rosette when young, then will spiral with age, very slow, needs bright light, and will get even darker in color, 4" dia. mature in many years, 1-1 ½" + $25.00
256) Staynerii, very unusual specie, goes through many stages and forms of growth, plant pictured is fairly old, but still in the young stage, almost monstrose look, but will in time change to large separate rosettes in large clump, very slow, nice 4" diameter, $15.00
257) Staynerii X batesiana, beautiful hybrid, will form large spiral rosette to 10-12" diameter, very dark almost black green leaves, covered with many tubercles of darker green, good grower, needs bright light for best color and form, nice 3-4" $12.50
258) Sun Goddess (NCS) unusually long narrow leaves dark glossy green spotted with pale white, striped heavily with bright yellow, with red tones in cool weather, very slow, but does pup well with age, nice small, 2 ½" plants $ 35.00
259) Sun King (NCS) awesome mini form, to about 4" in many years, very slow, but worth the wait, slow to pup also, but will increase with age, keep normal plants removed, ca keep separate for the specimen look or leave in clum.either way very pretty, nice 3" $40.00
260) Silver Wonder (NCS) very pretty, form nice clump with age, to 5" - 6" diameter, short thick, pale apple green leaves heavily striped with bright silver, medium grower, nice 3" pot size $25.00
261) Sun Stripes (NCS) unusual hybrid, with thick wide, glossy dark green leaves striped with yellow, this was semi rosette for many years, now seems to be forming a spiral, very slow, but very pretty, so worth the wait, nice small 2" diameter pups, $50.00
262) Super Glow (NCS) mini form, shhinny dark green leaves striped heavily with bright lbyellow, pups good, very slow, to 4" diameter mature, very pretty.small 1-1 ½" $50.00
263) Surprize (NCS) very pretty plant, narrow thich dark green leaves, striped heavily with golden yellow, the variegation fades in on this plant, but the wait is worth it, needs bright , light, and variegation will come out much stronger, nice small 2-3", $50.00
264) Thunder Cloud (NCS) very pretty and unsual, mini type, semi rosette to about 5" diameter, very dark glossy chochcolate dark green leaves, covered with tiny tubercles of pale creamy green, slow, nice 2-3" diameter pups, $20.00
265) Triangle (Japan) super mini form, from Japan, very similar to Shozoden, while in juvenile form, when it strats to mature leaves get very short, thick, angular, and semi rosette turns into a triangular shaped rosette of many dark green leaves, spotted with white and striped heavily with bright yellow, very slow, but pups a lot, nice small 1-1 ½" plants $10.00
266) Wally (NCS) minature form, short, thick, wide dark green leaves in semi rosette, striped with creamy white, very slow, and slow to propagate, mature plants to 4" diameter, N/A
267) White Marble (NCS) this is going to be a knock out, rare variegation type, very dark glossy green leaves, almost black, marbled with white, this swirling and marble looking variegation rarely happens in Gasterias, very slow growing and to pup. N/A
268) Wild Blue (NCS) another one of the blue series, this one is only a medium grower, to 12" diameter, very wide, super thick silver blue leaves, in tight rosette, slow, very pretty, N/A
269) Wild Blue Monster (NCS) this is a super miniature form, armstrongii hybrid, incredibly slow growing, super short wide thick blue gray leaves, deeply grooved and striated, l don't know how big this one will get, but in 5 years Momma plant is only 2" dia. nice 1" $75.00
270) Zimba (NCS) very unusual hybrid of batesiana, this plant stays in this triangular hape, pups come out same way, rosette to 6" diameter, very slow, thick fleshy angular leaves, heavily striped with yellow, nice small Y-2 ''/Z" diameter, $50.00
271) Zues (NCS) another one of my blue series that's very unusual, 12" long leaves in upright semi rosette, leaves are very wavy, slightly contorted, very soow, very pretty. N/A
272) Green Ox (NCS) mini semi rosette of very short, thick, leaves, glossy dark apple green leaves, with very unusual shape!! Leaf tips and margins edged darker green, spotted dark green, with a few white spots, i slow, about 5" diameter mature, nice 2" diameter $ 40.00
273) Monster (NCS) this one is something else, changes appearance to very wavy contorted, curly tiped leaves, super thick and wide, best character when kept on the dry side, glossy dark green leaves in short semi rosette, spotted with white, slow, 2-3" $50.00
274) High Society (NCS) this is a hybrid of transvalensis, which is still very young, so in juvenille stage, will get to be giant size, how big ?? Dark bronze green leaves, spotted with white, leaves edged with cream color, super thick wide leaves, very slow N/A
275) Mirabal (NCS) very similar to Midnight, not quite as pretty and has more of a rosette shape to it sooner, super glossy, dark green almost black, forming rosette to 5"- 6" in many years, this plant looks nice in a clump, but it's slow to pup, so takes a while, nice 3", $25.00
276) Chia (NCS) unusual very narrow, thin, glossy dark emerald green leaves, in loose semi rosette, about 4" - 5" diameter, this plant should much more compact, does not get enough light, but makes very pretty tight clump with age, 3" diameter plants $15.00
277) Natures Curiosity Shop (NCS) beautiful, normal pups from my variegated form, which may variegate later on, or may put out variegated pups from the plant or from the leaves, l am selling these at a lower price, and are beautiful small plants, 2 ½"-3" diameter, $40.00
278) Luz (NCS) this one is absolutely gorgeous, super mini form, armstrongii hybrid with brilliant golden yellow stripes over very short, wide, dark green leaves, forms small semi rosette, which stays very flat to the soil, very slow, to 4" mature with age, l "-2" $100.00
279) Tron (NCS) is a wild looking armstrongii hybrid, semi rosette to 3" diameter, which will spiral eventualy, super short, fat, wide leaves, glossy dark green, with very deeply grooved, angular leaves, incredibly slow!!!! N/A
280) Pearl Baby (NCS) beautiful minature, armstrongii hybrid, super small semi rosette to 3" diameter, very short wide glossy pale silver green, spotted here and there with some darker green colors, very slow. N/A
281) Monitor (NCS) this is going to be a wild one, super wide glossy dark emerald green leaves, which are very thin, forms contorted semi rosette, leaves are slightly striated with pale green, twisted and turned in all directions, making for a very unusual plant. N/A
282) Hiyashi's Sun Gold, this is a very slow growing armstrongii hybrid from Mr. Hiyashi of Japan, l have several of his Gasterias listed, this one is difficult from leaves, so I only have a few of these every year to sell, super dark green, very short thick blunt tipped leaves, striped with golden yellow to orange colors in bright light, ask, small 1 %z" $75.00
283) Hiyashi's Sun Gold ( Normals) these are pups from leaves of Hiyashi's Sun Gold, the variegated form, very pretty juvenile forms, very slow growing, so will stay small for many years, some of these may produce variegates, as genes are there, nice 2" - 2½" $40.00
284) Marvel (NCS) very unique color patterns on thick, wide, fleshy leaves dark green spotted with bright light green spots and speckles, with crossbands of pale green near the center and towards the tips of the leaves, very unusual, very pretty also. N/A
285) Delta (NCS) forms small dense clump with age, of can be kept single, thick, narrow leaves in semi rosette to 6" diameter with age, pale gray green leaves striped with darker green sometimes striated with silver and green colors, very pretty, nice 3" - 4" diameter, $15.00
286) Gasteria Black Giant (NCS) this is going to make huge rosette of dark green to almost black leaves, very thick, wide, angular shaped leaves, a transvalensis hybrid of mine, will grow to at least 2ft diameter, if not more with age, very pretty. N/A
287) Gyuaden ( Japan ) this is an old armstrongii hybrid from Japan,forms fan like rosette of thick dark emerald green leaves,margins edged with thin golden yellow,is it not variegated !! Stays small for many years,as in picture then will start to grow upright,very pretty plant,3" pot size $7.50