The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Nurseries and other Sources of Cacti and Succulents Plants and Seeds on the Cactus Mall

Note the Cactus-Mall does NOT supply plants or seeds. You must contact the nurseries listed on the following pages directly. A few of these do not have an email address and you will have to contact them by post or telephone.

The nursery pages on the Cactus-Mall contain a nearly complete list of nurseries that have web pages on line and for some geograpical areas maps of all the nurseries we know about inluding those with no internet presence. We are working to extend this coverage and would welcome help from anyone with information about suppliers in their geographical area. A very few nurseries are excluded through persistant reports of bad trading practices. Contrary to sensationalist press reports there is almost no trade in plants from the wild. 99.99% of plants in the trade are produced from seed or cuttings from nursery grown plants. Wholesale prices for small seedling cacti can be as low as 10c in the USA or 10p in Europe.

Before contacting suppliers please check your country's import regulations for plants. This can often make it very expensive to buy plants from abroad, much paperwork is required and there is much scope for things going wrong. For this reason only a few nurseries are willing to undertake it. Trade in plants within European EC countries is not subject to these problems. This explains the grouping of the suppliers in the three following pages:

for Sale
in the USA
for Sale
in the UK (EU)
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See also our page of other recommended sources for cacti and succulents.

Please mention the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall when ordering from advertisers by ordinary mail.


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