The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall


Stenocereus marginatus (DeCandolle) Berger et Buxbaum

This cristate form of Stenocereus marginatus occured naturally in our collection about twenty years ago. An ordinary plant was damaged at the growing point and produced a number of shoots from the base, one of which produced a crest. This form of growth is quite common in the cactaceae and results out of continual subdivision of the meristem to produce a fan shaped growth. Some collectors particularly prize these cristate forms and make special collections of them. We have a few but do not specially collect them. This plant eventually suffered a bad attack of mealy bugs, which were difficult to eradicate from the fine subdivided folds between the ribs. The plant was eventually split up to propagate but has subsequently shown rather a tendency to revert and produce normal growths.

Stenocereus marginatus has suffered somewhat over the years at the hands of the taxonomists and may also be found in cultivation under the names of Lemaireocereus marginatus or Marginatocereus marginatus. The species originates from Mexico where it is extensively cultivated for use as a hedge or wind break.


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