The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall


Opuntia weberi Spegazzini

Opuntia weberi is quite widespread in mountainous areas of Salta and surrounding provinces in Argentina. It forms small clumps of usually very spiny short cylindric stems. In cultivation in needs a bright sunny position and a well drained compost. It will tolerate quite cold conditions in winter. There is a lot of variation in the spination of the species both in colour ranging from pure white to golden yellow and in length. Some clones have very long spines and are particularly attractive. The plant flowers relatively easily for us in the UK starting on plants in a 4 inch (10cm) pot. The particular clone illustrated here has rather short golden spines and the flowers are also a deeper yellow colour than some other clones which we have.

Opuntia bigelowii Eng.

Opuntia bigelowii commonly known as the Teddy Bear Cholla is a common sight in Southern Arizona occuring in habitat alongside the well known saguaro. It has strong barbed spines and needs to be given proper respect! The unusual greenish centered flowers are bourne in the spring. It is not particularly easy to grow in cultivation needing strong sunshine and heat to prosper. The plant photographed was growing in the Organpipe National Park close to the Mexican boarder.


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