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Sphaeroid Institute Plant List

List 25.0, 21 August 2014


Fall is on its way. My sweet cigarettiferous neighbor is puffing on her sultry porch, conophytums are popping out of their skins, and even August's high humidity can't defeat tumidity, so it must be time for a little list.

To order: just email me a named and numbered list of your wants. I will reply with a quote, including the cost of priority postage, and any applicable tax, whereupon you'll send me a check AND a printed address label. My own transcriptions are not to be trusted. Often I've shipped before being paid and sometimes - though very rarely - payment never arrives: if I insist on using your label I prevent my own folly, pro parte.

Several items will probably sell out within the first few hours. In such cases the race goes to the swiftest, which is not quite fair; some folks check their email as frequently as they inhale, while others moderate their curiosity. I've considered answering emails in reverse order, thus rewarding the tardily virtuous, or randomizing the whole process, or surrendering wholly to the pricey embrace of Ebay.

I've had ridiculous computer problems all season. Outgoing messages don't; incoming ones are delayed or garbled, or never arrive, etc. However, if you hear nothing from me after a day, please try again. I am not normally so bad on purpose. Who is?

N.B. Limit: two plants of each # except as noted (! = one only); US sales only.


1. albiflora Calitzdorp
rippled flaring margins $4.00


2. namaquensis [cigarettifera of yore] 50 km N Matjiesfontein
explosive at the tiparillos $3.00

3. peculiaris Steinkopf
pearl-free oysters $5.00

4. robusta Gorap, NW Richtersveld
blunt green fingers $4.00

5. schlechteri near Animub
bluish pulverulent skin $3.00

6. umdausensis S Umdaus
files to go $4.00 !


7. brunneum Nuwerus
polished bunny eggs $12.00

8. luckhoffii Piketberg
slender red lines $8.00

9. maughanii subsp. armeniacum Maerpoort
pre-deliquescent toadstools $6.00

10. pellucidum Springbok
nee Lithops marlothii $6.00

11. pellucidum W Gamoep near 'Spumoniberg'
magnificently ruddy $8.00

12. subterraneum type and sole locality
pinheads on the rise $18.00 !

13. taylorianum subsp. ernianum Rooiberg
uncommon as true love $9.00

14. uviforme 'clarum' Haasrivier
prolix clusters $9.00


15. amicorum type locality
ivory flowers $12.00 !

16. dorotheae
replicating tattoos $6.00

17. geyeri
BIG blossoms $4.00

18. helmutii
Coke bottles askew $8.00 !

19. hermetica Tsaus
Haydn's fave $8.00 !

20. julii
netted or not $6.00

21. julii 'reticulata'
netted beauties $12.00

22. julii subsp. fulleri
scalloped dumplings $4.00

23. karasmontana near Ai-Ais
startlingly variable $6.00

24. karasmontana 'lateritia'
red tops and Coppertoned bottoms $6.00

25. lesliei
speckled brown pancakes $4.00

26. pseudotruncatella
beige and ecru doilies $4.00

27. salicola
beginner's joy $4.00

28. viridis type locality
upwardly mobile $6.00


29. blackburniae Calitzdorp
scratchy never-lovely grass tufts $12.00 !

30. emelyae
marbled seedlings $6.00 !

31. hammeri Die Kop
quasi-badia $12.00 !

32. maraisii var. meiringii Bonnievale
springy saws $6.00 !

33. "neoroussouwii"
spidery tuffets $4.00

34. opalina (minima) Brandriver
bedizened with extra pearls $12.00

35. pumila Brewelskloof
fattened calves $24.00 !

36. truteriorum type locality
wonderfully subtle designs $16.00 !

37. variegata petrophila
wine-dark leaves $6.00 !

38. atrofusca x 'Kegani' x bayeri
hawt meaningless sects $16.00 !

39. {crassa x comptoniana} x splendens
extra hot, extra meaningless $18.00 !


40. barbata Bloukranspas
the annual that isn't $6.00

41. pubescens var. rattrayi
the perennial that is $3.00


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