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Sedum alpestre
Sedum alpestre
Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria, c2100m.
Sedum atratum subsp.carinthiacum
Sedum atratum subsp.carinthiacum.
Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria c.1600m
Sedum cepaea
Sedum cepaea
Rila Mountains, Bulgaria c900m.
Sedum rubens
Sedum rubens
on Formentor, Mallorca.
Sedum caespitosum
The tiny Sedum caespitosum
SE Mallorca beside a 2 Eurocent (19mm diameter).
Sedum stefco
Sedum stefco,
Southern Rhodope Mountains,
Bulgaria c1000m.
Rosularia serrata
Rosularia serrata is commonly
found on vertical limestone outcrops
in southern Turkey - here at the ancient
site of Kadyanda c900m.

Sedum ursi
Sedum ursi on Baba Dag
c.1500m southern Turkey.