Etwin Aslander

Selecta Succulents
Selecta Succulent was started in 1992. In the first few years a wide variety of succulents and cacti were cultivated, mostly for the local market and nursery trade.

From 1995 onwards, I started concentrating on South African succulents and began exporting to Europe and the U.S. Exports are now a significant part of our business and plants are shipped throughout the world. I spend most of my time and energy on cultivating Haworthias, Gasterias and Aloe, but I am also fond of Mesembs and maintain a large collection, dominated by Conophytums. We also offer a good range of Stapeliads and I am particularly fond of growing Huernias. Nearly all of our plants are seed grown and are supplied with accurate collection data.

All plants offered are grown at our nurseries in Brackenfell and Simondium, both situated in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

Rod and Rachel Saunders, the owners of Silverhill Seeds kindly rented part of their smallholding to me, at which the bulk of our plants are now cultivated. Our old premises in Simondium are still in use as well, and the greenhouses there are currently filled with Lithops and other mesembs.

We are essentially a mail order business, but you are of course welcome to visit us should you be in the area. (please phone beforehand) All plants sold are properly labeled, packed and dispatched with the necessary documentation (phyto's, cites etc.)

NOTE (26th February 2001): Owing to exceptionally heavy demand during 2000 we are currently unable to accept any orders

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Etwin Aslander