Big Bend Texas - Its Cacti in Bloom

Big Bend Texas - Its Cacti in Bloom

This is companion DVD to 'The Colors of El Paso" covering the Big Bend Region. It is extremely easy to use by playing back through a DVD player attached to a televison. You will get best results from a reasonable sized screen as I did find the captions a little hard to read on our television which is a little elderly. The DVD version of course benefits from the panning and zooming possibilities of moving images although the presentation is still essentially a sequence of still shots.

This one probably has a higher percentage of cacti and with the maginificent Big Bend scenery it is a great pleasure to watch. Playing time is about 45 minutes.

The DVD is available from Cichlid Press and you can find out more information and purchase copies of the DVD from their website As their name suggests they also sell books and DVDs on Cichlid fishes. I am extremely tempted with some of these as we used to keep and breed African Rift Lake cichlids ourselves and are extremely interested in these fascinating and beautiful fishes. Alas we found we did not have time to look after them as well as attend to our plants.



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