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Mammillaria boelderliana

Photo Copyright: Chris Davies 2008


Mammillaria boelderliana is one of the earlier flowering Mammillarias, and as the picture shows has very pretty white, pink striped flowers of a size somewhat larger than of many others of the genus.

It was first described in Kakt. and Sukk. 39(4): 78 (1988) by Wohschlager, following itrs discovery at Pozo de Gamboa in the state of Zacatecas. It is quite a small plant usually solitary, but with a long root, necessitating a rather larger, or deeper at least, pot that one might expect for the size of plant.

It has been variously allied to Mammillaria uncinata and Mammillaria heyderi, as well as Mammillaria lloydii. Howevere it appears to have survived the attempts to consolidate it with other species, and certainly is a very distinct plant in our collections.