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Mammillaria thomsonii n.n.

Mammillaria thomsonii n.n. PN498, in cultivation.  Copyright Chris Davies 2013 

Mammillaria thomsonii n.n. is an unpublished plant, named after Brian Thomson, who worked for a number of years with Charlie Glass at CANTE. This is a real miniature species, flowering very young, and comes from a range of mountains in Durango, a specific area of which is called Canon de Caballo. 

It appears close to Mammillaria nazacensis and Mammillaria brachytrychion, and probably is related to them, although the taxonomy has not yet been done and publsihed. Plants in cultivation in the author's greenhouse, have remained small, still in a 2" pot, and showing no signs as yet of offsetting. The photo above is one of these plants, no more that 1" (2.5cms) in diameter, yet flowering profusely. The 18-20 radial spines on these plants are white and under a strong glass appear slightly plumose, while the 4-6 central spines arearker, some hooked.

Cultivation is much the same as for its apparent "sisters", careful watering and a gritty compost, reflecting the rocky habitat in which it naturally grows.