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Mammillaria winterae ssp. aramberri

Mammillariawinterae ssp aramberri in cultivation. Copyright Chris Davies 2012 

Mammillaria winterae ssp aramberri CD12/317, south west of Aramberri, NL Copyright: Chris Davies 2012

This plant was originally known as Mammillaria crassimammilis, named by Reppenhagen but originally collected by Alfred Lau as L 1069.

It has become quite widely grown, although perhaps not common, in collections since its introduction, but of late, it is not seen a much as it was perhaps 20 years or so ago.

It forms low mounds of heads, and in this it is very different from the habitat of  the species, Mammillaria winterae. Its stems are from 2-4cm tall and 4-7cm wide, with large pyramidal tubercles, clearly faceted, and of a blue-green colour if grown in good light. Its spines are mostly short, 4-6, of which 4 are radial and if present, the additional spines tend to be more centrally placed. The flowers are yellowish, wioth a brownish mid-stripe, making them look rather less yellow that the species.

The plant comes from Nuevo Leon, near Aramberri, and grows on low hills, with lots of limestone in the soil and subsoil rocks. It seems to enjoy, in cultivation,  good root space, and well drained compost, which allows its preference for regular waterings to rapidly drain through.