Mammillaria of the Month

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Mammillaria wiesingeri ssp.wiesingeri

Photo: Plant incollection: M.wiesingeri ssp.wiesingeri ML023                                                                                                                                                                       Copyright: Chris Davies 2012

Last month, we looked at two forms of Mammillaria widesinger ssp. apamensis. We have to show the species this month, so that the differences can be fully appreciated.

Mammillaria wiesinger ssp. wiesingeri is a fairly globular plant, sometimes tending to be globular-depressed. It comes from the states of Hidalgo and Mexico, from the area around Metzquititlan, Toluca, El Chico and Mineral del Monte. It does not grow large in habitat, a bit larger in cultivation,  the plant shown being in a 8cm pot.  This form, ML023 was found by Michel Lacoste near Metzquititlan, and though the flowers are not quite as carmine red as the description would call for, does conform in all other respects.

It has about 20 glassy white radial spines and between 4 and 6 central spines, which are red-brown of a similar length. It has quite tuberous roots, and does needpot room for these, eventualy filling a 10cm pot. It does not offset, remaining solitary unless some damage has been suffered.