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Mammillaria theresae

Photo: Plant in collection: M.theresae                                                                                                                                                                       Copyright: Chris Davies 2012

Mammillaria theresae is one of species that bears glorious large long-tubed flowers. It comes from the state of Durango, where it grows in a mountain habitat, hidden almost by grit in the cracks between flat plates of rocks. At times of rain th eplants can be totally submerged for a short time, before the water then drains away.

In cultivation, this species needs a very open compost,  as is expected given the habitat from whenc eit comes. It is relatively slow growing, and will cluster eventually to form groups of many heads. Each head is short cylindric, to 4cm tall and 2.5cm broad. The raidal spines are white to yellowish white, rather short and somewaht plumose, only 2mm or so long. The flower is its crowning glory, up to 4.5cm long and 3 cm wide, violet-purple.

The photos below show the plant as it grows at Coneto Pass in Durango.
Mammillaria theresae - left photo shows the slabs of rocks in which it grows; there is a plant lower centre, which is shown closer to on the right.