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Mammillaria crinita ssp. wildii

Mammillaria crinita ssp. wildii                                                                                                                                                               Photo: copyright Maurillio


The plant shown in the photograph was named as long ago as 1836, and has been the subject of much taxonomic debate in recent years.

It is very well known in cultivation as a result, and if grown well it can fill a large bowl quite easily.

It is described as clustering, globose to shortly columnar, 4 to 5 cm in diameter, dark green, axils with 0 to 2 bristles of up to 7mm in length and some wool. It has 11 to 15 radial spines, which are whitish and smooth, 4to 5 mm long. The original description calls for no more than 9 radial spines, but no such specimens have been found in recent years. Its central spines are 3 or 4 in number, yellow to yellowish brown, one hooked and standing out from the plant body, the others more upwards pointing. It has brownish to  yellowish flowers, sometimes almost a pink tinge, and about 14mm in diameter if they open fully, with greenish white stigmas. The fruit is red and the seed brownish black.

It comes from the Mexican state of Hidalgo, and is known from only a few locations, most notably the region around Venados.


Mammillaria crinita ssp. wildii in habitat near the bridge at Venados, Hidalgo                                                                     Photo copyright: C.Davies