Mammillaria of the Month

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Mammillaria hahniana (Part 1)


This is an old favourite which comes in a variety of flavours. Traditionally, Mammillaria hahniana is a long haired wolly areoled plant and the longer and thicker the hairs, the more admired the plant is. It is quite variable, and four subspecies have been defined to recognise the more commonly found variants. These are ssp. hahniana, ssp. woodsii, ssp. bravoe, and ssp. mendeliana

Photo Copyright: Chris Davies 2008



Mammillaria hahniana ssp. hahniana comes from a wide distribution area in the states of Queretaro and Guanajuato, as well as Tamaulipas. It is typically clustering, each head globose to about 10cm in diameter. It does have central spines, usually just one, but also 2 to 4, quite short and obscured by the hair-like radial spines.

Photo Copyright: Chris Davies 2008

Mammillaria hahniana ssp bravoe is a shorter spined variant, with much less wool and hairs, coming from Guanajuato. It too has reddish-purple flowers, and is often found clustering from the base. This variant has 2 central spines, and axils with white wool.