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Mammillaria rhodantha ssp. auriceps Hunt ex Rogozinski et Plein

Our Anniversary Journal contains an article by Wolfgang Plein and Helmut Rogozinski, formerly Editor and Secretary of the AfM, about the naming of the plant that they and others have found to the east of the state of Hidalgo and across the border in Veracruz.

The photos below were taken by Chris Davies in 2005, and initially believed to be Mammillaria rhodantha ssp. pringlei.

It soon became clear that these were the same plants as were described initially as Mammillaria rhodantha ssp odieriana, but which was declared as an invalid name. Without taking sides in this discussion, I offer you some other photos of this beautiful plant, and at the bottom a view from the top of the ravine showing the system of river valleys right across into the state of Veracruz, in which this plant is found.

Photo: Plant in habitat,Pena del Aire, nearSan Sebastien, Hidalgo. Copyright of Chris Davies 2010



Photo: Habitat view at Pena del Aire. Copyright: Chris Davies 2010


In cultivation, the plant grows well and strongly, flowering later in the year and sometimes, as now in early September, coming back with a second flush of typical rhodantha flowers.


Compared to my M. rhodantha ssp. pringlei plants, the differences in spination can quickly be seen, making it a very desirable plant. As yet, none of my plants have more than a single head, and it may be that it will need to be some considerable size, far beyond the 5" pots that they are currently in.