Mammillaria of the Month

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M. vetula ssp. lacostei

Photo Courtesy of: Hugo de Cock

M. vetula MART. ssp. lacostei PLEIN et WEBER ssp. nov.

This is a newly named form of Mammillaria vetula, which appears to root well from offsets, and growth is steady in cultivation. No apparent difficulties have been found with growing this form, treatment as for the type would appear to be appropriate. When it was first described, it was stated to be:

Strongly offsetting, forming large clumps, oblong, bright green, in the lower part greenish-yellow. Axils naked, each head to 6cm long and 3cm broad.

It has 20-22, glassy white, straight, needle- like radial spines, to 7 mm long, and 6-8 central spines, usually 8, pointing upward, to 11 mm long, stronger than the radials, straight, needle- like, amber coloured, t dark brown at the base.

The flowers are whitish cream with a greenish midstripe, 1,5cm long, 1cm in diameter. The fruit is red, to 15mm long, to 4mm in diameter, club-shaped. Seeds are black, 1.2mm long.

It was found at an altitude of 1967m at  El Caricillo-El Toro, near Atarjea, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

A fuller description, more photos and some cultural information will appear in a future Journal.