Sedum Society

Tibetan expedition

Figure 7. Indetermined Rhodiola.

It is extremely satisfying to receive a library of splendid images of Crassulaceae from part of the world where few enthusiasts are able to set foot. Xi-Zang (Tibet) is the home of many variable species and as male and female plants of Rhodiola can be highly contrasting, it is often extremely difficult to determine the identification of plants in the field or of dried specimens deposited in herbaria. From the slides of John Birks, taken last year, Lawrie Springate, of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, has forwarded the images, commented on where and when each was shot, and, most importantly, has shared his expertise in determining, where possible, the identity of each. As will be seen, this was no easy task. Although it is the general policy of the Society Newsletter not to show too many species not in cultivation, these are too important to be ignored. Several of the following species are in cultivation, but they differ considerably from commonly cultivated clones

Figure 8. Indetermined Rhodiola.

Figure 9. Rhodiola fastigiata ♂.

Figure 21. Rhodiola crenulata.

Figure 22. Rhodiola bupleuroides ♂.