Connoisseurs' Cacti


The following books are available from JOHN PILBEAM, 51 CHELSFIELD LANE, ORPINGTON, KENT, BR5 4HG, ENGLAND, to whom cheques should be made payable. Terms: cash with order. Payment from overseas by PayPal (my PayPal account address is the same as my email address: OR in sterling cheques drawn on a London bank.

Pilbeam, J.Mammillaria - Now & Again£40 UK; £45 EU;
£50 overseas
Pilbeam, J.A Gallery of Agaves£39 UK; £42 EU;
£45 overseas
Pilbeam, J.Cacti & Succulents of Baja California£43 UK; £45 EU;
£50 overseas
Pilbeam, J. & Bowdery, D.Ferocactus£32 UK; £35 EU;
£35 overseas
Pilbeam, J. & Weightman, B.Ariocarpus et cetera – the special, small genera of Mexican cactus (including Acharagma, Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Aztekium, Cumarinia, Epithelantha, Geohintonia, Leuchtenbergia, Lophophora, Neolloydia, Obregonia, Ortegocactus, Pelecyphora, Stenocactus, Strombocactus, Toumeya, Turbinicarpus)£37 UK; £40 EU;
£45 overseas
Pilbeam, J.The Genus Echeveria£43 UK; £48 EU;
£52 overseas
De Kock, DennisThe Genus Ceropegia£30 UK; £35 EU;
£38 overseas
Pilbeam, J.Stapeliads (refreshed) (2nd Edition) – includes 714 pictures, including 24 recently described new species half page size, plus other new pictures and more distribution information.£39 UK; £42 EU;
£45 overseas
Pilbeam, J & Hunt, D.Sulco Gallery (over 200 colour photos of Sulcorebutia)£10
(postage UK £3, overseas £10 airmail)
Pilbeam, J.Echinocereus£35 UK; £38 EU;
£42 overseas
Pilbeam, J. & Partridge, M.Small Opuntias – includes Austrocylindropuntia (most), Corynopuntia, Cumulopuntia, Cylindropuntia (a few), Grusonia, Maihuenia, Maihueniopsis, Opuntia (a few), Pterocactus, Punotia, Tephrocactus, Tunilla.£38 UK; £43 EU;
£48 overseas
Pilbeam, J.Rebutia, Sulcorebutia & Weingartia - unravelled (244 Photos).£40 UK; £45 EU;
£50 overseas
Pilbeam, J.Parodia/Notocactus (the happy couple).£40 UK; £45 EU;
£50 overseas